Friday, August 05, 2005

To Your Health Continued ...

In light of all that my body's been through these past few months, I'll be taking some Chinese medicine for about 10 days in order to "bring balance" (as the doctor put it) to my system.

I took it for 2 days so far and I just have one word to describe it ... DISGUSTING! It is so difficult to get that thing down my system! BUT ... I will do it for the sake of good health.

You know, I think part of the curse of sin/Adam's fall has effected food, its flavor and its nurtritional value. I think in heaven when everything's restored to its proper place, things like chocolate [and crabs!!] will be good for us again =) hee hee hee ... looking forward to that day when He restores all things again ...

Anyways ... we'll be starting a new 4-part sermon series this Sunday entitled: "Sex Education" ... should be interesting! Well, have a great weekend everyone! It was a fun week with this blogging explosion that's happened in Australia! =) Have a great one and may God bless you BIG TIME as you worship Him wherever you are!

What's New: I added more reviews/recommendations in my "Favorite Books and Music" sections. Plus slowly organizing more and more links ...


Eddie Bang said...

Balance is good. Actually to participate in bringing balance puts you into an elite category of people, Eddie.

Anakin Skywalker(more affectionately known as 'Darth Vader') had a destiny to bring 'balance' to the force. And look how he turned out?(Not a good example, I guess)

Daniel Russo(aka 'the Karate Kid') was driven to victory, esp. in the sequel, as Mr. Miyagi spurned him towards balance. "Balance, Daniel son. Balance!"(Good example =))

So by embarking on this journey to 'find balance', you find yourself in good company.


NOT! Hahaha! Let's face it! We all know that that brown liquid is putrid!

But alas, I wouldn't be a friend if I didn't help you out, eh? (No, I won't drink it for you!)

To aid in your consumption of this wonderful health elixir, I am prompted to iterate a quote from Walt Disney's Mary Poppins....

"A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down."

I'll be praying for you! You'll need it!

hermann kim said...

i loved how it's tagged "eddie b" It's as if someone is going take it or something... hehe Hey Eddie did you use the church's labeller?? hahaha

Borabora said...

Hey Eddie!!
ewww..I used to HATE taking those..
I took them when I used to get
nosebleeds everymorning><
u know what I used to do!!
drink it REAL QUICK without
breathing through your nose then quickly stick a lollie in your mouth!^^hehe
Thank you so much for today, Eddie!
I think I found out alot of things
about myself and it really helped
getting it all out~hehe^^
so funny to have found someone as crazy as me!! hahaha~
well..I'd better start cleaning before I start my work;) haha~

Eddie Byun said...

Eddie Bang! What a journey in cinematic history ...

Hermz ... wow, I would NOT want to label my chinese medicine ... I wouldn't mind at all if someone else took it! :P

Bora! It was very cool talking with you today ... I hope the prayer meeting helped your headache too :) And it's nice to know a fellow neat freak! :)