Monday, August 08, 2005

Chillin' in the City

It was a pretty relaxing day off today ... just hanging with some buddies in the city and taking some pictures at Hyde Park. I also stopped by a couple of travel agents to take care of some mission trip stuff. But I realized today I'm more relaxed Friday and Sunday nights than I am on Mondays ... maybe because on Mondays I have our Tuesday staff meetings hanging over me. Regardless, I still love having the day off.

As you can see in the picture, Eddie Bang was also quite relaxed as we chilled in the city =) We both brought our cameras hoping to capture some good shots of Sydney. Picture taking now has new significance thanks to the world of blogging. I've been really impressed with Eddie Bang's photography these days. He's been taking so many amazing shots of the Opera House and of Harbour Bridge, both in the daytime and at night. He has a great eye for good shots ... hopefully he'll have more pictures up on his site.

Hope you all had a good weekend. It was a great one for me; it always feels good to start a new series and I was thankful to hear that it was well received and helpful for our congregation. We had a preliminary meeting for our mission teams and started our Care Groups again as well. I'm looking forward to how the rest of this year will unfold ... it's been a great 2005 so far, esp. with seeing so many lives change and experience personal breakthroughs this year. More of You, Lord ... and all for You Lord.


Bora~^^ said...

Heyo Eddie^^
I could soo~ use a day off right
about now~hehe i'm starting to wonder
if I should make a blog for myself
as well!! I alreaddy have a cyworld
but its more
what do you think, Eddie?
am I being a sheep? haha~
maybe I'll make one once my holidays start...kekek

Joe said...

Bangers likes to bite things aye?
I believe ive seen another photo where he was trying to bite somebody.

Eddie Byun said...

Hi Bora ... yes ... join us Bora! Join us and feel the full power of the force! (sorry, a Star Wars joke) ... but yeah, it's a nice way to keep a record of your days and for others to see what's going on in your life :)

Joe ... dude! Write something on your blog man!! :p

Eunyoung said...

I updated Friday night photos on my cy.. =)

Eddie Byun said...

EY: Thanks! Your picture taking has improved a lot too :) Good job :) You must have had a great teacher when you were younger ... looking for the "best shots" :p

jrhee said...

The second photo would make a great CD cover... :)

Eunyoung said...

kkk true.. true...
how can I forget jejudo..
back then, it wasn't even digital camera.. hahah

Eddie Byun said...

John: Maybe if we ever have a new life music cd come out we can use it :P

EY: Yep, those were fun times back then ... and yes! You had a really good teacher :)

Stung said...

I visited his web and he took those great shot with Sony W1 5 Mega pixels. 7 second long exp with F 3.2 Iso 100 !! haha once i get back Sydney i 'll do that too haha nice shot.

i have to figure it out how to post a pic on my blog haha

Eddie Byun said...

You are amazing Stung ... how did you figure that out by just looking at the picture?? ;P

When you get back, you can also show me how to use my IXUS 50 functions too. And I'll show you how to use your blog :)

Then we can start a Thai church in Sydney. OK? :)