Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Steven's Graduation

Thanks to the blessings of the internet, I was reconnected to my "little" cousin who graduated from the US Air Force Academy (one of the best schools in the US).

I must admit I was a bit worried when he first entered, because I heard some horror stories of what they do to freshmen there, but God has been faithful and good.

I'm so proud of you, Steven! I'm especially so thankful to see your faith is still growing. You've grown in so many ways ... I still can't believe you're taller than me though =p

Keep in touch buddy. And I hope you can visit Sydney some day soon ... and if you do, I'd love to take a ride in a jet with you =) I'll be putting up more pictures of you, your graduation and your family when I get some more time. Check out the "Family Pix" section for more later on.

Bless you bro! And I hope I see you soon. Keep living for Him alone ... He's your true Commander-in-Chief!


monica said...

It must be hard to be here and miss out on whats happening over in the states... especially family stuff. God bless you Eddie and Thank God for bringing you here! :)

Eddie Byun said...

Thanks Monica .. your words really touched me just now ... maybe it's all the family/sentimental stuff .. but yeah, thanks ... I really appreciated it.

But I'm also honored and humbled to be a part of building His Kingdom here too.


Patrick Yoon said...

To my beloved cousin...I know that we may be separated by thousands of miles, but I know that God has a "Big Big House with lots of lots of rooms" and one day we will be living under the same roof. I miss you a lot and I can't wait to come out to Sydney to see you and Hyun.

Eddie Byun said...

Amen Pat!!!! And don't forget ... "He's got a big, big yard ... where we can play FOOTBALL!" :)

It's good to 'see' you here Pat! Wow, I think God's been surrounding me with family a lot these days (in unique ways) ... I've even been dreaming about our family/cousins too recently.

And you and Carol DEFINATELY have to come 'down' here soon bro! :) Love you man! And miss you a bunch too ...