Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sex Education - First A.I.D.S.

We concluded our "Sex Education" series today, taking a look at AIDS and what the Church can do to help this crisis of our generation. AIDS victims have become the "lepors" of our day, and we need to respond to them the way that Jesus did. Instead of judging them or casting them out of our lives, we need to find ways to embrace them with the love and hope of Jesus Christ.

You can listen to the messages from this series at our previous sermon site (until our new site is fixed and downloads are ready). And I listed some helpful websites and books on this topic as well. You can find those resource recommendations in the "Favorite Books" section on the right.

We'll be having our missions prep meetings soon, so please pray for strength and joy for all of us as we get ready for our trip in the midst of our busy schedules! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you had a wonderful day of worship ... in His presence ...

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The aWAKE Project, Second Edition : Uniting Against the African AIDS Crisis
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Bora Nam said...

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David Kwag said...

Hey Eddie..

Thanks for that reminder yesterday about the extent of AIDS and how as Christians what our stance and actions should be.
Hope you are well dude. Enjoy ur Mondays off!

Aaron Kim said...


Heard its ur day today, so i just wanted to wish u a joyful birthday. Many Thanks to our Lord and Saviour that he picked U to do his great works, may u juss reflect his blessings unto others that you come across in ur life. Stay healthy and ever joyful, keeping u in my prayers ed, take care =)

Eric Bae said...


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDDIE!!!! love ya bless ya miss ya~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~