Saturday, August 06, 2005

Sex and the Supremacy of Christ

In preparation for our new series on Sundays, here are some resources that can help you along in our study of sexuality and the glory of God.

Plus I've added some resources from the "Sex and the Supremacy of Christ" conference taken from

* Sex and the Supremacy of Christ: Articles

* Sex and the Supremacy of Christ: Audio & Video
May these resources help you in your fight for holiness and in your desire for God.

You can also check my "Favorite Books" section for more resources and recommended books that will further your personal studies of our Sunday series.

Please pray that this series would be used by God to create a new holiness and reverence for God and His gift of sex within our congregation and for all who hear the messages. Pray I would be a faithful vessel used to bring freedom, as truth is proclaimed, and pray for all who listen, that they would have hearts that are humble, hungry and ready to hear His Word and to obey it.

"God, we want to honor You in every area of our lives. Would you especially work powerfully during this new series ... redeeming this important area of sexuality for all current and future relationships of everyone in our ministry. Bring purity in the secret places. Bring freedom for those trapped in bondage. And bring healing for those who have been living in shame.

Let Your gentle and convicting Spirit minister to all our hearts as we gather to worship You tomorrow. Fill me, anoint me and use me to be Your mouth-piece and Your servant. Prepare us today for a life-transforming encounter with You tomorrow. Let miracles happen and lives be changed ... all for Your glory. In Jesus' name. Amen."


Hermann said...

hey Eddie, i'm glad you posted up this link... i had a quick skim through some of the topics on the links - they look very helpful~ especially in light of finishing 50days of purity... that we(I) won't let our(my) guards down! Amen

Seriously all praise to God and also thankfulness to you, after the 50days of fasting... i've had so many breakthroughs in my life, including my walk with God, answering of prayers including the path towards dreams and desires being more and more identified... God awesome!

p.s. i'm gonna put up the link for "sex and the supremacy of Christ" on my xanga to share the info around...cause it's pretty stuff =)

Eddie Byun said...

Hey Hermz, it's been a blessing for me to see how God's doing some new things in your life throughout the 50 days (and afterwards) as well. Praise God for that! And this series I think will be a good follow up to our Purity Campaign that just finished too. May more breakthroughs happen in our EM!

Bless you bro and keep living for Christ alone. It's an honor to have you as a partner in the Gospel dude.

hermann said...

oh dude! i keep mistyping my messages... "cause it's pretty stuff"... i better careful in how i type on the world wide web! especially if its going to mission agencies and countries like Uzbekistan...

and yeah...think i gotta cut down on xangaring... as well! =P

Eddie Byun said...

No problem Hermz .. God's got your back too ... always covered by grace, even in your typing :)

I think I gotta cut down some blog time too :p