Thursday, August 25, 2005

One Hope ... One Life ... One Love

In preparation for our Sunday message on AIDS, plus with our mission team going to Africa, here are some websites that I've been keeping up with for awhile that will help raise better awareness of the crisis at hand:

1. The ONE Campaign to help fight world poverty.

2. DATA: Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa ... seeking to help the nations of Africa find hope.

For those in the US, you can sign the petition and help influence the government to continue increasing the aid and resources for these countries in Africa. These organizations have already made a difference in the increase of financial giving from the wealthy world during this past G8 meeting. So we are making a difference!

And with one of our mission teams heading to Guinea, Africa this year, may the things that happen "over there" hit closer to home for our ministry and closer to our hearts as disciples. Please pray for our Sunday service that it will be a time where we will gain more of the heart of Christ for those who are suffering from this deadly disease of AIDS ... and may our congregation become the hands, feet, and heart of Christ for these nations who are need of the hope and life that only God can give.

We only have one life to live ... let's live it well and invest it wisely ... by living wholly for interests of Christ and His Kingdom ... all for Him and only for Him ...

[I've added several more verses in the Bible: MP3 Memory Verse section and our 2005 Mission Teams now have their pretty faces online as well =) Stop by and leave some encouragement and prayers for our 2005 teams.]

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Hannah said...

Hey Eddie!

Thanks =)
You're so organised man...With all the missions meeting minutes...and pics...oh my...I wish I could be as organised.


Danni said...

Hi Eddie! I learnt lots of stuff about voice which i'm dying to tell you about!! Did u know that hoarseness is a red light! It is actually aperiodic vibrations of the vocal fold due to too much constrictions or compression on them! And here's some trivia i leave you with: your vocal fold vibrate about 100 times a second (male) and about 220 times a second for females during phonation! (i sit at the back of the class - not the front. I don't snort when i laugh. Please remember this.) Talk to u soon! xoxo

Daniel said...

hey eddie... yeah i know
im such a sheep for making one of these
but i think it kicks xanga's butt anyday

hey ur sites SOO cool... such a good resource! i'll drop by often

Eddie Byun said...

Thanks DBae ... good to see you in the Blogger world.

Maybe you and Hermz should make a worship resource site ... I love Blogger cuz you can do almost anything with it ...