Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Healer ... Heal Me

Today was the final day for the Inner Healing Conference and God continued to do some wonderful ministry in the hearts of His shepherds.

Several pastors and their wives received some much needed comfort and encouragement that only His Truth, His Church, and His Spirit could do.

I realized that as much as these pastors appear so strong sometimes, we’re all hurting people … and God wants to heal us to become wounded healers to others … and that through our brokenness His Spirit can work through us.

And it was another reminder for me today how much we need to encourage each other … because life is hard … and life hurts … but God heals.

“Let us encourage one another – and all the more as we see the Day approaching.”
Hebrews 10:25 NIV

Speaking of healing, a lot of people are sick these days. Would you please pray for Hyun and Eddie Bang? Both of them are very sick right now. We need the healing that only Jehovah Rapha, our God who heals, can bring.

And still on the subject of sickness, I got my final shots for Africa today. I think I was supposed to get them a couple months back, but … what can you do! I’ll be trusting God to protect me and YOU to pray for me =)

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David Kwag said...

The winter is bringing along a lot of casualties.
I'm praying for you Eddie..

sehna said...

hey eddie~~ hope hyun and eddie is all good..=) iL pray for them and for you..when are you leaving for africa? my gosh.. hana oppa's going so soon too... soon EVERYONE would be gone..
God Bless!!
s2 sehna

Eric Bae said...

wasn't the Melbourne weather that got Hyun samonim sick was it?? hmmm, praying for all!!! :D

Eddie Byun said...

Mins: thanks dude! I got your back too ... but seriously though, so many people are sick right now with colds.

Sehna: thanks for your prayers too :) I'll be gone from Sept. 13 - Oct 1 (but if there are seats available, I'll try and be back for the last night of JAMA Jr.) ... Lord willing!

EBae: (as I shake my head) ... Melbourne weather ... :p miss you bro!