Thursday, August 04, 2005

No Matter What ... You Are Loved

Just had a great talk with a brother in Christ whose loved one just experienced freedom in Christ recently. God never ceases to amaze me with His strong love and grace for a broken and fallen people like us. It's sometimes so easy to see how much God loves another person, and yet so hard to believe that God loves us. It's easy to see that no matter the mistakes another person has made, God has not given up on them ... yet so hard to think our own mistakes can be redeemed. Sometimes we can see such a bright future for others and be left in the dark, wondering what tomorrow may hold for us.

Maybe that's why we need each other ... to walk this journey of life together ... to hold out hope for one another when we lose hope for ourselves.

And the awesome thing is that when faith is exercised and we risk it all to believe He loves us, no matter what ... and we risk it all, to keep living for Him ... and we risk it all, to believe God's not finished with our lives yet ... then we can really live life again. I get so excited when I see people beginning to live their Christians lives with this kind of courage ... this kind of faith. May more of His Church be changed and transformed to be free as we believe His Word, instead of our own, and to have faith in Him more than our feelings.

"God, give us the courage to believe that we are forgiven and loved, no matter what. And give us the risk-taking faith to love You ... no matter what. Continue to set hearts free to begin truly living life as You intended it to be ... bold, courageous, faith-filled ... as we run in the golden fields of grace without worry, without fear ... but always with You smiling upon us. Thank You for freedom."

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
2 Cor. 3:17 NIV


Anonymous said...

No doubt baby!

David Kwag said...

God truly restores broken lives. Through his presence and devotion to his children individually, we are all truly loved and treasured.

He deserves all praise!

Eddie Byun said...

Amen bro! This year has been a year of freedom for so many people I know. It's awesome, because it means God's preparing His people in Sydney for something amazing in the coming days!

More of You Jesus! That's what we want.