Sunday, June 18, 2006


Over the weekend, I've been spending time at YUST (Yanbian University of Science and Technology) with various students and professors that I knew from my time in Korea. The school reminded me of Handong University in so many ways ... the students, the staff, the buildings, the vision. It was pretty cool because it made me feel like I was back in my Handong days many years ago.

On Saturday, a bunch of the American teachers and international students were playing (American) football at YUST, so a friend and I decided to join them. It was a lot of fun ... I think the last time I played football was over 6 years ago! And like Handong, there were so many Korean students from Uzbekistan, Russian, and Kahzakstan. I love hearing their Russian accents when they speak English =)

And another highlight for me this weekend was running into a wonderful family that lived right next to me when I was in Korea; they moved to China and now teach here as well. (Click on the picture for a larger view)

They have the most precious daughters I've ever seen and when they speak, it's so clear and sweet that it melts my heart every time. Rebecca and Rachel (the 2 oldest daughters) were so little when I first met them, but they seem so tall now =) Plus they have a new little 9 month old sister now 'Stephie'.

And if you can, please lift up Stephie in prayer. She has a skin rash that's been spreading through her whole body. They're not quite sure what it is yet and the medical services here are a bit limited as you can imagine. YUST teachers don't have salaries so they live by faith and on the support that others send their way. If you feel led to support this beautiful family, email me and I can send you contact details.

I also spent some time at a nearby "child care center" that impacted me deeply as well, but I'll have to update you on that another time. Take care and don't forget to call your dads! "Happy Father's Day" Dad =)

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Hermz said...

Hey Eddie! I finally have cable internet... and can visit blogsites with reckless abandonment baby! haha

I hope your stay in China is well...

My prayers are with this message - asking for your protection, annointing and blessings for this trip and future! If you could let Mike know our caregroups are praying for him continually as well...

Hermz said...

i'm sorry that was soooo fast i'm gonna have to leave another message...

heee heee!!

hannahkang said...

wow...! the girls have grown up sooo much!!! rebecca was so bright and rachel was soooooo cute!!!!

hope youre enjoying yanbian!!

hannahkang said...

wow!!! the girls have grown up so much! rebecca was so bright and rachel was soooo cute!!

hope youre enjoying yanbian eddie!

Eddie said...

Hey Hermz: Thanks for the prayers and the support dude. And welcome to the world of internet beyond dial up!!! :P

Hey Hannah: Yeah, they grew so much. We'll be having dinner with their family later this week too.