Monday, June 12, 2006


Hey all. Thanks for your prayers concerning yesterday's presentation. It went extremely well and there were many people who expressed their desire to become partners in our ministry. After the main service, we had lunch with some of the young families/couples in the church and had another great chance to share some of the stories of what God's been doing through CB. We were both honored and humbled by their generous responses too.

Another gift from God yesterday was the time to hang out with some old friends. I came across friends I haven't seen in over 10 years (uni days) as well as recent friends who left Sydney. And dinner was fun hanging out with Eunji and her "good friend" David =P Overall, I was really thankful for everything that God brought our way yesterday ... and I know a big part of those blessings came through your prayers ... so thanks so much for them =)

Today we have a couple of other important meetings with "big" supporters in other agencies and in the media. So please pray that those go well also. I'm grateful for this internet age where we can partner together so closely, even though we're oceans apart. Shall update again soon =)

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Heinz said...

Hoping you take care in Korea and that you'll be back safe and sound!~

Eddie said...

Thanks Heinz,

And I look forward to hanging out in the city with you when i get back to Sydney! :)