Friday, June 02, 2006

One More Day


I love this commercial because it pumps me up to strive for excellence in all things. Excellence in all things ... one of my life values. And I love watching people who live this out. They help remind me that whatever I do, I must do it with all my heart, as working for the Lord, not for men ... knowing that I will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward ... it is always the Lord Christ I am serving.


And tomorrow is MOVING DAY! So thanks to those who got back to me in terms of being able to help out tomorrow. And if you do have time, you can come to my West Ryde place at 9AM (Saturday) ... and we're planning on leaving for our new place by 10AM! Then it's goodbye to West Ryde ... what a great suburb to live in! =)

Praying People Reminder

One more reminder: if you haven't signed up for, do so now! And if you have signed up for it, post your prayer requests! =) It's a cool new way to share prayer requests and to receive intercession for the concerns of your heart. EBae has requested prayers for this site as well. It seems as the site grows, a lot of glitches keep coming up ... there's an enemy that doesn't want us to pray, so let's make sure we DO!

Have a great weekend everyone and hopefully I'll have pix of my new place posted soon! =)

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Eric Bae said...

ooh!! love the commercial... but love the verse more! :) good luck with moving Eddie, wish I could help...!! :)

Eddie said...

Thanks EBae,

I know you would if you could :) I could always count on you bro! That's why I love you so much man!!! :)

bora said...

Just came to say hello..
and I miss you~..
Hope you are well, Eddie..
Your in my prayers..=)

Eddie said...

Awww ... thanks Bora. That was really sweet. Miss you too and thanks so much for putting that frame together. It was an awesome gift (I heard you stayed up all night making it!). And thanks for your prayers; I really cherish them!