Thursday, June 15, 2006

In China

Hey all ... I arrived safely in China and am excited to be here. There's a nice place that has wireless internet nearby so I'm just taking a break here to catch up on some things. It's been a fun ride so far. We had lunch at a local Korean-Chinese place and will be meeting up with some friends for dinner.

Language so far hasn't been as difficult as I expected since there's a large Korean presence in this city. Almost everywhere you look, the writing is in both Chinese and Korean, and most people here seem to be able to speak Korean as well. A friend and I kept bumping into people we knew on the airplane ride over here. Some older Koreans have said that this area reminds them of how Korea was many years ago ... it would be great to see China progress in all aspects like Korea has as well. Just wanted to send a quick update for now ...

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Eric Bae said...

take care eddie~ remember the starfish!! :)

Eddie said...

Ha ha ... thanks for reminding me EBae. I'll see if I can find one :p