Tuesday, June 06, 2006

About Moving ... Moving About

Goodbye West Ryde

Well, we finally upacked everything from our move on Saturday and are settling in well into our new place. It feels a bit strange to be living in the city part of Sydney. I feel like we moved to a different state or even a different country sometimes. It's such a different feel compared to the suburbs [Epping, West Ryde] I've lived in before. But right when we walk outside, there's a great view of Sydney Tower to our left and there are a lot of great cafes and restaurants here so my stomach will be happy.

We had the inspection of our old place last night and before that, I made my rounds saying "good-bye" to some of the people that I often saw in that area (West Ryde Thai [of course], John and Andrew from the computer shop, the lady who cuts my hair) ... and it was kind of sad realizing I wasn't going to see them on a regular basis anymore. I didn't expect to have these feelings just moving 30 minutes away.

Hello Rushcutters Bay

Anyways ... feel free to stop by when you're in the city or I can meet you at Hyde Park (which is about a 5 minute walk from my place). And I also welcome you to prayer walk around my street (Kings Cross Road) ... yes, you read that correctly ... King's Cross. =) For those outside of Australia, it sounds very Christian and very cool ... and those within Australia ... yes, let's prayer walk! But you know, I count it an honor to be here and to live and pray in this area ... praying to reclaim this area that bears His Name and His sacrifice for us.

I'm currently using pre-paid dial up internet until our ADSL2 is ready in this place. But I hope to post some info on my trip to China and N. Korea tomorrow (I leave this Thursday!). I'm going to need some serious prayers of protection while over there, esp. in NK.

Happy Birthday Patrick

On a final note, I want to wish my cousin Patrick a very happy birthday. He's the cousin I grew up with ever since he was born and to me he's really my "little" brother (even though he's over 6 feet tall now) =P It's been great to see him grow physically and spiritually througout the years, and to see our relationship grow from cousin-cousin to brother-brother and finally to brother-in-Christ-brother-in-Christ. I hope God allows us to live next to each other again ... so we can partner together again like the old days, for His Kingdom. Happy Birthday Pat! I love you man! =)

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Heinz said...

Hey Eddie,

You're in the city too now!! I live right near darling harbour, behind the aquarium!!

I'm not too clued in what a prayer walk is though...

Eddie said...

Hey Heinz! That's cool to find another person living in the city. We should hook up sometime! :) Well ... after I get back from my trip to China and Korea that is :P
Email me your phone number and I'll call you when I get back.