Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Old Friends New Foods

Over the weekend a friend and I met up with some old friends from Down Under here in China. It was good to catch up and see how they've been doing ... and for their buddies in Australia, they're doing really well. I was so happy to see how much they've grown in various ways through their time here.

I've been enjoying the food here a bit too much. I started going to the gym the past couple of days in order to go back to "normal" size before heading back home =P

A fun dish we had over the weekend was a "shish-kebab" meal that came with the most flavor-ful spices. And a favorite of mine here in China is their "gobaro" which is like "tangsuyook", but a lot stronger in the "sweet-n-sour" department and a lot meatier too.

I can now add China to the countries where I enjoy every meal. So far it's been Italy and Thailand (and I'm pretty sure I can put Greece in that list, but I haven't been there yet!). I'm usually not a big food fan ... I'm more of a "eat-to-live" more than a "live-to-eat" kind of guy, but when I'm in these countries, I can't wait till the next meal =P

Take care all and please continue sending prayers this way. It's going to be a full weekend with some great activities planned with the kids and students in this area.

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JumboBody said...

Eddie, those are some awesome pictures. Many blessings!

Heinz said...

Those Shish Kebabs look so good!

Eric Bae said...

oh I had that food in China, the first photo Eddie.. can't remember the Korean name for it.. but how nice are they!!! :) starfish is your next goal!! good to see you are well!

David Kwag said...

Hey eddie.

Good to see you enjoying the food there. The kebabs remind me of Melbourne.
Hope all is well and you take care of yourself.


Hannah Kim said...

oh~ yummo... I remember those=)
good to see & hear the girls are well.
Don't ya love China? I found this is one of the countries where God's grace seems to be so rich. Anyways Bless yas ALL & will continue praying. ^^

Eddie said...

Hey Hannah. Yes, it's hard not to love this country, its people ... (and food!) :P