Sunday, June 11, 2006

In Seoul

Hey all, I arrived in S. Korea safely and visited my grandfather who celebrated his 88th birthday =) I'm amazed more and more as I learn the amazing history of our family ... the many churches that family members in the past have planted throughout Korea, the struggles endured through during the war, and even a martyr who's now in the Korean Martyr museam in Korea (pretty cool!).

Well, just to update a bit, I'll be doing a presentation for Onnuri Sunday morning. So I'd appreciate your continual prayers for that. And it's been great seeing and catching up with old friends here too. The weather and food have been pretty good here so far =)

And FYI, I think they have like 50 different Korean World Cup shirts at stores now ... they're really milking it for all its worth! A friend and I are debating whether to go to the big area on Tuesday to watch the Korean match against Togo, where like a million other people are going to be. Maybe we'll just take a picture and leave =P Take care and I'll be in touch again soon. =)

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Eric Bae said...

hey Eddie~ nah!!! wear the red, and be part of the million reds!! :) don't get swamped though.... praying for you!

Eddie said...

Hey EBae. Haha ... we were really tempted to be in that psycho gathering, but we might have a dinner meeting to go to that night anyways ;)

ey said...

I guess that dinner meeting will be short, eh?

Praying for you & Mike..
BTW, was it grandpa's 88th? thought it was 87th? oh well... have fun cheering for Korea in KOREA!

Eddie said...

Hey EY,

We had a nice time at your parent's place. It was grandpa's 88th. Not sure about your mom's age though :) Thanks for your prayers too!