Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Few Congrats ...

The Most Delicious "Bob" House in the Planet!

I took the picture above when I was in Korea earlier this year, but never got around to posting it. It's a photo that I wanted to dedicate to my life-long buddy Bobby Lee, who recently returned from a trip to Korea after decades of being away from the motherland. He and I were fellow "twinkies" growing up who couldn't speak Korean to save our lives ... and to my shock, after his visit to Korea, he is now getting into K-Pop and dramas (!) Oh man, that was a shocker.

When I took this photo, a worker came outside asking why I was taking a picture of his restaurant. I tired to explain (in my very fluent Korean ... ahem ...) that my friend's name is up there. As I was walking away, he kept staring at the roof trying to figure out what I was so interested in. Well Bob, it was just so I could get this picture for you =)

Happy BDay to EBae

A huge "Happy Birthday" to my buddy and partner in the Gospel, EBae. Your friendship has been a gift and a delight. Hope this next year is one of deeper growth for your faith and hope you can hurry up and finish your thesis ASAP! Have a great one and have fun exploring more of your backyard with your fellow Melbournians.

To My Favorite Mike and Jane Couple

And a final congrats (at least for today) to Mike and Jane Kim who will be getting married this Saturday! I can't believe how much you two have grown these past few years. I'm amazed and so happy to see how your passion for Christ and commitment to His Kingdom has matured and deepened. And I'm so glad that you two love each other so much and will be serving the Lord together as husband and wife in just a few short days. May God prepare you well for a lifetime of missions and may God use you greatly to glorify God and expand the Kingdom of God greatly within your lifetime ... and beyond.

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Eric Bae said...

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR :) thanks HEAPS Eddie! what a post! didn't realise we were wearing matching clothes when we took that photo?!?!?!?!?!? :) Congrats to Mike and Jane! take lots of photos!

degeneral said...

eddie - you're funny. i would do the same thing with the pics, if there were a most delicious "eddie" house. but one correction - i still can't speak korean to save my life, but you can. hoooo!!!

Eddie said...

EBae: Too bad you can't make it for the wedding this weekend ... but have fun and take a lot of pix where you are too :)

Bob: I realized that if your name was Bob Kim, that picture would have even more significance for you :) Either way, I got a kick out of seeing that restaurant.