Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Good Times

It's been a good month for me so far. God provided some cool opportunities (both planned and unplanned) to re-connect with a lot of great friends and partners that I haven't seen in quite awhile. And most recently, I had a great time catching up with Keith and Sharon, fellow Americans living in Sydney, over the weekend.


We actually share some unique things in common. Both of us met our spouses in Korea. Both of us, after getting married, have spent most of our married lives in Sydney. Both of us have family and friends in Chicago and Arizona. And for me and Keith, both of us miss and love talking football! It was also nice to share some things (both joys and struggles) that only expatriates experience while living in a foreign country. And we shared U2 pictures and videos from the concert a couple weeks ago. U2 must still be on my mind because last night I had a dream that I met them and had to show them around the city =)


Also this past weekend CB and Deep Surface did a follow up presentation at a local church on recent projects that were supported. Looking back on this year, I realize that CD and DS has had quite a great partnership helping each other succeed in our various causes. I'll post a video that DS created in regards to their CB partnership later on.

Dallas Cowboys

And "how 'bout them Cowboys!" The Dallas Cowboys beat the last undefeated team of the year on Sunday. The Cowboys topped the Colts 21-14 and showed a new spark under the new leadership of Tony Romo. Though I feel bad for Drew Bledsoe, it was a great move by Parcells and just in time too. They now look like the Super Bowl contenders people predicted at the beginning of the season. For fantasy football players, if you picked up Romo and/or Marion Barber III (their touchdown machine), you picked a couple of surprise winners for your league. I've been extremely impressed at the maturity and poise of Tony Romo. He's impressed coaches with his preparation during the week and then performs nearly to perfection on game day. A great attitude, a great work ethic ... a solid leader. Oh man, I hope they win it all this year.

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