Friday, November 03, 2006

Here I Am to Worship ...

One thing I have come to miss greatly throughout my sabbatical in Australia has been the ability to find a balanced place of worship where both the praise and the preaching is Christ-centered and Biblically sound. With the abundance of good churches in America, I think it would be difficult for the average Christian in America to realize that even in a free country like Australia there is a massive drought happening. It's not a country in the 10/40 Window nor is it a country where believers are persecuted. Rather, Australia is a wealthy, Western, "free", "Christian" country (though less than 10% of the population goes to a service on Sundays).

The teaching ministries of the internet and books have taken on a whole new level of importance for my life this year. At times I've felt like I'm living in an unreached nation ... which has created deep thirst and hunger pangs on a weekly basis. So the clips from books and sermons and videos I share have become more than just blogging ... it's become an expression of my fight to keep the passions of my heart burning ... as well as to sharpen and challenge myself so that I might finish this race well. As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another (Proverbs 27:17). I thank God for those who sharpen me.

If you have a corporate place of worship to attend this weekend where you're soul is fed and and your spirit uplifted, consider yourself extremely blessed. May you be filled with thanksgiving for that congregation and may there be many prayers of intercession for its leaders. And if you have a heart for church-planting, I ask that Australia and its major cities (Sydney, Melbourne, etc.) be in your prayers, and that more workers be raised and sent to this nation. Like Ezekiel 37, the surroundings are very dry ... and also like Ezekiel 37, only You Lord can breathe new life into the people.

And to leave you with something enjoyable for the weekend, here's a clip a cute baby who can't stop laughing. It's pretty adorable. Well ... have a great weekend of worship ... and may your love for Christ grow stronger as a result.

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EM-mer. said...

That baby is so cute. It also seems like the camera man is kinda torturing the baby, the baby's having a hard time breathing! haha
Keep strong eddie! God is with you!
p.s. EM is always open for you tho..