Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Piper ... the Good and Bad

This (When I Don't Desire God) is my next book I'm going to have to re-read and dissect some more. Piper's one of my "go-to" guys in terms of reigniting the passions of my heart and to check to see if I'm properly focused. I thank God for people like him who function as arrows to point us back to Christ. People who can sharpen our focus, clear the clutter, and remind us again why God gave us life on earth ... O, to have more arrows for Christ in this world! O, that I would have the honor of being an arrow. And O to believe and manifest in my life that Christ really is ALL ... and everything.

And on a lighter note concerning Piper, someone edited Michael Jackson's song:"Bad" and combined it with a Piper sermon. Then someone makes a video version for YouTube. What's the result? "John Piper is Bad". I got a kick out of it :)

And Firefox 2.0 is out now and available for download. It's a much superior browser to Internet Explorer. If you haven't switched over yet, give it a try ... IE has been trying to change and catch up to Firefox since its release. While new versions of both browsers were released recently, for the first time, Firefox is leading in downloads ... so make the switch and have a more enjoyable internet experience. In a lot of ways (esp. thanks to Google and Firefox), it looks like the once mighty Microsoft is heading for a fall ... who would of thought several years ago they would lose their edge so quickly.

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