Friday, November 17, 2006

What Only God Can Do

A word of encouragement ...

And a surprise country that was featured in this week's Voice of Martyrs prayer requests:

AUSTRALIA Girl Who Rejected Islam Now Facing False Murder Charges - ASSIST News Australian media reports that on October 9th, 17-year-old Kaihana Hussain was attacked with a knife by her father, Dr Mohammed Hussain, after she reiterated her commitment to convert from Islam to Christianity.

According to the reports, Kaihana's mother was fatally stabbed when she tried to intervene, and her father attempted to kill himself after Kaihana escaped the apartment. Police confirmed at the time that Kaihana was not a suspect. Dr Hussain survived, and now alleges that Kaihana stabbed her mother to death and attempted to murder him because they disapproved of her boyfriend. Kaihana was subsequently arrested and faced a court on November 7, where she was charged with murder and attempted murder.

She did not speak and no plea was entered. Kaihana Hussain remains in custody until her trial, which has been slated for May 22, 2007. Pray God will reveal the truth in this matter and Kaihana will be set free. Matthew 10:26

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Eric Bae said...

hmm, this John Piper miniclips are becoming quite a regular... :) thanks Eddie!!

paulo said...

oooh that was exactly what i was going to write.. :) hi eddie.. its good to come here and see what you've been upto~ as well as these nice inspirational shorts by john piper~ hope all is well! :) byebye

Eddie said...

EBae: what can I say. I'm a big Piper fan. And he's been a source of strength for me, especially this year! :)

Hey Paul. Long time. I've been good. Hope you're doing well too. Take care bro.