Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Confessions of a U2 Fan

Alright, so U2 had their first concert in Sydney on Friday and then their second one on Saturday. But their 3rd concert was on Monday, leaving Sunday as their "day off". So I'm thinking that since it's been over 10 years since they last came to Sydney, they'd have to visit the Opera House and various other key spots in the city. So what do I do after church on Sunday? I spend several hours on the look out for U2 in the city.

But after exhausting my legs in the search, I decided it's time to go home. A little sad that I couldn't create a chance meeting with my favorite band of all time, I head home and then one block before I get home, a huge vehicle stops in front of me ... I look up and who do I see? Larry, Adam, Bono and the Edge. That's right. U2! Right in front of me!

Gift 1

But sadly, no, it wasn't U2 in person, but it was a truck with a HUGE banner promoting their new "best-of" album that's coming out next week. And then the truck driver gets out of the truck to visit a near-by ATM and lets me take a ton of photos next to the truck, on the truck, behind the truck ... you get the idea. Wow, that totally made my day. I felt like it was God's small gift to me Sunday afternoon =) Hee hee ...

Gift 2

Anyways ... another great gift for me was seeing my good buddy EBae (Eric Bae) from Melbourne on Monday. It was good catching up with someone who was a great "go-to" guy for me in ministry and someone I was blessed to see grow so much over the years. He's a cherished partner in the Gospel who was always went above and beyond what was expected of him. I miss partnering with him, but I was thankful to hear that he and his gang in Melbourne are pushing each other to stay faithful to Christ and are sharpening each other each day. Hurry up with your Ph.D bro and come back to Sydney ASAP! =)

Podcasts Updated

And on a final note, my podcasts for memory verses and sermons are updated for the week. Enjoy! And may the favor of God rest upon you this week!

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Eric Bae said...

Eddie~ :) great seeing you on Monday. Missed ya HEAPS! praying for you! and come down with samonim next time, I'll do my "tour" thing around here just like you do in Sydney! :) hehe, hope to see you soon!!!!!!!!!

Eddie said...

It was great to see you too EBae. Thanks for your prayers and hopefully we'll see each other more in the (near) future :)

davidcwelker said...

i'm a big u2 fan. very cool.