Monday, November 06, 2006

Sea U Later

Researchers have calculated that at the rate we're going, we only have about 50 years left before we deplete the world of seafood as we know it! So by the year 2048 (yes, within OUR lifetime!), bye-bye beloved crabs ... and most things "under the sea". I can't believe we can bring an end to a whole genre of food/species ... and that future generations won't be able to enjoy it. What was my first thought? "I gotta find me some crabs!" And my second thought? "I'm going to have to find a way to farm my own crabs somewhere." :p

But it is a sad statement on our generation and what we've done to the environment. And if you've seen the movie/documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore, you know that our generation has a bigger responsibility beyond just seafood. We're potentially on the point of no return in terms of what we're doing to the environment around the world.

We're really living in the last days ... in all aspects. And on a final note, I updated my podcasts for weekly memory verses and sermons. I'm glad to hear that some people have been benefiting from the various podcasts. I'll be starting from my 2002 sermons from this week and eventually work my way back to 2006 ... hoping to archive everything online ... eventually.

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Eric Bae said...

that's... krabbi man..... and that movie..!!

Hermann said...

Seriously, living in the last days... Take me home Jesus! Neways good catching up with you Eddie last Mon! I really felt refreshed after chatting and catching up with you... Hope to hook up soon!

ERIC! You gonna be here soon right??

Eddie said...

EBae: Looking forward to seeing you this weekend bro! :) ... Krabi ...

Hermz: It was great catching up with you too. Brought back some good memories. And yeah, we are SERIOUSLY living in the last days bro.

We've messed up the environment so bad that the end of the world being destroyed by fire seems literally right around the corner. And hey, if fish and seafood are gone soon, that means some major biblical illustrations and stories will be harder for future generations to relate to ;) ... unless this is the last generation (!) Maranatha "O Lord Come!"

Heinz Lee said...

Man... all those Crabs... they look so yum~

And that preview... even just that preview is scary... >.<

Eddie said...

Hey Heinz. Yeah, my mouth waters every time I look at those pictures :) And that movie is definitely worth watching. It's a real eye-opener ... I was so shocked at where we are right now in terms of what we've done to God's earth.