Sunday, December 03, 2006

Weekend Wedding [EDIT]

Minsang, Mike and Me
Blessed Wedding

I had a great time at Mike and Jane's wedding over the weekend. It was such a blessing for me to see their love for one another and to see those two finally get married! From the moment I found out that they were "prayer partners" for certain mission trips a few years ago, I knew something was up =) I am truly so happy for them.

Photos Courtesy of the Wetzels

The very happy couple =)
EM Update

It was also pretty cool to see so many EM'ers that I haven't seen since I left New Life earlier in the year. Honestly, I wasn't sure how I was going to feel beforehand, but after seeing each person's face and hearing what they've been up to really warmed my heart. The hang out time during the reception brought back a flood of memories and feelings for me. As a few people mentioned, to which I whole-heartedly agree, it felt like it was the "good old days" again. Throughout that afternoon on Saturday, I realized that those guys still hold a very deep place in my heart. I was really thankful for the time spent together that day.

Some friends from New Life
Podcast Update

And as for podcasts, the weekly memory verses and sermons have been updated over the weekend. If you haven't tried it yet, I can testify that listening to MP3 verses on your MP3 player is a very effective way to learn new verses and keep old ones firm in your heart and mind.

Currently Listening
When Love Comes to Town / Dancing Barefoot / God Part III
God Part III
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andy said...

hey eddie! was awesome catching up with u on the weekend. take care. merry xmas and a happy new year!

lOis! said...

Eddie! It was good to see you and Hyun at the wedding! Hehe, how cheesy was Mike throughout the whole day... Hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year! :D

sung said...

haha lol @ "prayer partners"

good seeing you mate, take care!

Eddie said...

Andy: Praying for you bro. Have a great time in Thailand and let's catch up when you get back.

Lois: Hey Lo, Hey Lo ... it's fun to say while singing vertigo ... I wish I could have found you earlier that afternoon so I could have done some more singing :) Have a great holiday too.

Sung: Dude, you've provided some great entertainment for me the past few weeks. Call me when you're in the city and we'll hang.

david kwag said...

Hey Eddie.

Always great catching up with you.
Hope all things are well.

Take care!

Eddie said...

Hey Mins,

Good job on getting all the details covered for Mike's wedding. You're a workhorse! Have a great time in the US and let's catch up when you get back. If you get bored in the US, stop by Arizona or Dallas and I'll take you out for some awesome steak! :)