Monday, December 11, 2006

More Re-connections

Song-soo, Anna, Keith, Sharon, Hyun (trying to hide), and Me

Song-soo and Anna were here over the weekend and it was GREAT to catch up with them. They're currently living/working/playing in England, but from all the stories they shared, I'm not as interested in going over to that part of the world anymore. But I was glad to hang with them on Friday and Sunday. I totally miss partnering with SS ... he was just an amazing servant of Christ who always gave 110%.

And of course it's always good spending time with my fellow Americans Keith and Sharon too. They'll be taking off for the US this week and Hyun and I will be leaving next week. We're both stopping by Arizona, but unfortunately, we'll be missing each other by 1 day! Have a great Christmas and New Years guys and let's touch base when we all return to Sydney next year.

Also, the weekly memory verses and sermons for my podcasts in iTunes have been updated as well.

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Eric Bae said...

nnniiicccceeeeeee..... oh the good old time~~ :)

Eddie said...

Yep ... the good old days! :)

SS said...

Great to catch up eddie/hyung - really enjoyed it! Looking forward to hearing good things from you (re: future) in 2007 ... It may be a pain to get set up in the UK but let the good times roll! ... And of course come and visit when you can! Merry Xmas and Happy New Year ... pray 2007 is an awesome one!

SS said...

Ooops ... hyun not hyung ... although you are a "hyung" ... hehehe