Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Our Budding Photographer

Satang and me

For a brief background on my Thai buddy, you can check out my previous post on Satang. But one thing I wanted to mention was that this guy has really developed as a photographer! Before it was just a psycho-obsession with digital cameras, taking about 1000 pictures per hour wherever he went ... and now he has clients throughout Australia and Thailand. The cool thing too is that whenever big shots from Thailand come to Sydney, they ask him to be their photo-man! That's pretty cool.

He's been sharing his photo sites with me and I wanted to pass them on to you guys out there. Check it out: His Multiply Site and His Google Photo Album. His past-time has turned into a passion ... and now it may lead to a new career. Keep exploring Satang! You're grown in so many ways throughout the years!

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stung said...

thank you Eddie..
I hae visited it since a few week ago.
haven't had chance to say thank you....

God bless you