Wednesday, November 16, 2005

When Harry Met Satang ...

Satang is back ... our very extroverted, mega-photographer, natural tour guide and Thai brother is back in Sydney and also back at Harry's =) He made a mad "hot dog de wheels" that made my stomach very happy the other night.

It's always amazing seeing him and thinking back of how our mission team met him in Thailand a few years ago. For those who may not know, here's a brief bio: God led us to him ... God led him to Sydney a year later ... and then God led him to Christ. Pretty cool.

We were doing campus ministry at his university a few years back during our mission trip in Thailand. While hanging out in the student center, he was the first person our group met. We hung out, talked a bit and then said our good-byes.

Before we left, we told him about a campus Bible study that we were going to be at later that night. The meeting started and ended with no sign of Satang ... oh well (we thought) ... until much later that night he shows up at our base. It turned out that he was trying to find our meeting but couldn't ... so he and a friend went looking for us for about 3 hours (!) ... talk about dedication ... esp. for a buddhist looking for a Bible study!

Long story short ... he came to Sydney a year later to study ... God surrounded him with believers wherever he went ... and instead of just finding old friends, he found eternal life and a new family in Christ. He was then baptized and is now on a mission to see his family and his nation of Thailand find Christ ... as well as anyone else who comes along his path!

Pretty cool testimony I'd say ... good to have you back Satang ... may you keep growing strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. If you don't see him at New Life, you can find him at Harry's ... he's the guy talking to everyone =O) God bless you bro!

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Eunyoung said...

bless you stang!
you & your camera!!
non-stop paparazzi... man...^^

Danielbae said...

hahaha stung at harry's...
thats weiiird!

Stung said...

Thanks pastor spider eddie : )

happy to see all of you at Harry's
God has brought me to him and will be with me til my last breath .. and we will see each other again in the heaven ;) Harry's !!

thanks brother , pastor , spider hehe and doctor

Eddie said...

Ha ha ... great to have you back Stung! :)