Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Mission Field Melbourne

I arrived in Melbourne on Tuesday and have been spending most of my days with EBae and the Melbourne gang here so far. It's good to see our EM brother again. I met up with their mission team that's preparing to go to China/NK this December ... it was great to see how Eric is training the members here in Melbourne .. it reminded me of 2 Timothy 2:2.

All my meetings will be in the evenings so I've been able to get some good work done in the library at the University of Melbourne, where Eric is doing his Ph.D. He's been grading papers and I've been writing papers ... and sermons and planning for next year. It's been so long that I've worked in a large school library ... it was bringing back so many memories. Wow, I sometimes miss life as a student ... it was so carefree back then. But then when I see our guys studying for their exams, it brings me back into reality that I'm glad to be out of school now :)

The harvest is plentiful ... but the workers are few ....

But I've also been able to talk to various people here about the spiritual situation for the 2nd generation here and it's tough to hear about the struggles (as well as the many people who have left the church) because of the lack of pastoral leadership here for the 2nd generation. Though there's still a big need in Sydney, at least Sydney has some 2nd Gen pastors and English ministries ... in Melbourne there are no pastors for them and there are no services for them either.

Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest fields ...

For my US buddies, pray about possibly coming out here to Melbourne too if you'd like to be a part of some pioneering work for a whole city in need of workers ... and we can network the two cities closer together too. And for my Sydney buddies, as you pray for Melbourne, pray also for God to possibly send some of our up-and-coming servants/workers from our congregation to this mission field as well ... maybe even you! :)

Please continue to pray for as I still have 4 more sermons to preach in the next few days ... pray for strength (I'm tired) ... and pray for lives to be transformed by His Word and for God to raise up a new generation of workers within this city that is in desparate need of shepherds to lead these people. Thanks always for your partnership. I cherish each prayer.

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The Wetzels said...

Thanks for the update. It's amazing how much I took for granted the abundance of resources and churches for 2nd gen in the States - There's so many churches to choose from in both Phx & Chicago, and they all seem to be splitting and growing! Anyways, prayers are for you, as well as Syd. & Melb. I'm excited for the plans He has for us within just this next year in Sydney.