Monday, November 28, 2005

EB and EB


Thank you to everyone who prayed for me during my time in Melbourne. I had a great time and ate extremely well (as I usually do in that city). It's always an honor when God gives me the opportunity to share the Word of God with others. Above all else, I was thankful to spend time with our very missed brother Eric Bae. He was (and still is) an amazingly dedicated and faithful partner in the Gospel during his time in Sydney and his void is still felt. I can't wait until he finishes his Ph.D in Melbourne and can return to his true "home" here. =)

Missions Night

Saturday was our annual Missions Night for our teams to raise up prayer and financial partners. They did a GREAT JOB! I saw them practicing some of the dances before I left for Melbourne and must admit I was wondering what it would look like by Saturday, but they worked hard and put in many, MANY long hours ... and made me so proud of them at the Missions Night. Then on Sunday we had our final "full" meeting before we take off next week for Thailand and Africa. This is it ... we're in the final stretch!

Morocco Team Send Off

Then at 6:30AM this morning (Monday), we sent off our Morocco team at the airport. Mike and Jane + the other members from Come Mission will be gone for about 2 months now. Please keep them in prayer. It was strange not being able to go with them on this trip. I was actually a bit sad to see them go ... almost like a parent sending off their kids away to camp or something ... I wanted to go with them to make sure that they'd be OK. But I know they're in God's hands and He's a much better guardian than I ever could be =) And the rest of the teams will be off next Monday ...

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Eric Bae said...

i'll be back soon! (well, I'd better...) it was nice seeing you down here Eddie. We had our meeting yesterday, everyone says big thank you for going through the spiritual warfare lesson~ everyone found it extremely valuable!!! :D