Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

To my family and friends in the US, I wanted to wish a very Happy Thanksgiving ... and I'm always thankful for the ways God has blessed me with all of you. It's kind of strange. I've been out of the US for 10 years now and for the last 7 years, the holiday season (between Thanksgiving and Christmas) didn't really hit me very much. Maybe because we're always getting ready for a mission trip or something ... but this year it's been hitting me more that I won't be spending this season in the US. It's so weird for me that's I'm getting so sentimental.

Thanksgiving Memories

Some of my favorite memories of my childhood is gathering together with family on Thanksgiving at my great-aunt's house, eating a huge turkey dinner with my aunt's famous broccoli and cheese dish (mmmm!), watching the Dallas Cowboys play (yea!) ... going out and playing something with all my cousins ... and then catching a movie with everyone later ... then somewhere in between all that we would draw names for our Christmas gift exchange. We'd say our good-byes and do it all over again a month later at Christmas :)

Then Christmas ...

Then the day after Thanksgiving (which is the biggest shopping day in the US) I'd meet with a bunch of church friends and we'd hang out at the malls or go downtown to begin our Christmas shopping, along with the rest of America.

Christmas decorations would start going up outside all the houses and all the stores. And late at night, we'd drive around some of the neighborhoods that had the best decorations and light deplays ... snow would begin falling a week or two later ... and we'd all be dreaming of a white Christmas. (Dude, what's up with me right now??) :P

Back to Melbourne

Anyways ... we had our spiritual warfare session for the Melbourne mission team last night ... and all I can say is that there is definately a spiritual realm in this world and Jesus is the Lord of all of it. With all the spiritual activity I've seen in my lifetime so far, I'm fully convinced that demons love to play havoc in peoples lives and it is only at the Name of Jesus Christ that demons flee. Amazing. I'm so glad to be on His team :) There is power in the blood and in the Name of our Savior ... and from tonight I'll be speaking at the Melbourne Saesoon Church until Saturday morning. Pray God would save the lost and sanctify His saints ... and for major breakthroughs to happen in His Church in Melbourne.


Hermz said...

Hey Eddie, got your back in prayer! Shattered strongholds and bring people to Christ in Jesus name AMEN!

sehna said...

hey eddie its always a pleasure so meet up with you.. even tho it was for a short time i enjoyed it..
iL try and visit NLW as much as possible..
guess today was again last time i would be seeing you until you get back or unless somehow i bump into you..
disappointed i didnt get to take any photos with you this time.. realised too late..
take care eddie
in my prayers