Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Baptism Sunday

Sunday was not only the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church, but it was also Baptism Sunday for our EM. I think it was so awesome that these 2 events happened on the same day. Baptism for these persecuted countries is so precious because of the cost that's involved. It's a sign of new allegience to Christ and that will often mean that family members and long-time friends cast them out of their lives ... and sometimes even worse.

So it was great to celebrate this day at a beautiful beach, with beautiful weather ... and of course beautiful people. The freedom that we gather together and worship in is a sacred gift ... thanks be to God.

So congrats goes out to Matt, Kevin, Inkyu and Joe on taking this step of obedience signifying your new life in Christ. May God bless you, anoint you and use you greatly as you seek to follow Him for the rest of your lives. I'm waiting on the pictures from our 'official' photographer, so when I get those, I'll post them on my site. Until then, this picture of water will have to do =) So congrats once again and may God bless you richly ... always.

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Inkyu said...

WooHoo! Sunday was awesome, so many people turned up.