Saturday, November 05, 2005

More Podcasts ...

I added a new link to the audio downloads section of my site from Chinesepod.Com. It's a cool new podcast I found on learning Chinese. So for those who always wanted to learn Chinese but never got around to it, you can now start learning at your own pace through your MP3 player or computer. And the quality of this program is pretty good ... and hey, it's free.

Also Yahoo has a new podcast search engine at, which has the most comprehensive podcast library online to date. You can find a podcast on just about anything.

And for all you "Be the Reds" fans wondering what to do next, you can now be the "Eat the Reds" who represent Korea with pride ... as our very own kimchee has made headlines in the possible fight against the bird flu. A friend of mine from the US (thanks Sam) posted a link to a video news clip that talks about the possible impact this discovery can have for the world as this disease keeps spreading. To see the video clip, click here. Who would of ever guessed ... amazing. Sam, btw, will be visiting Sydney at the end of this month =) He's a cool guy I met while on my mission trip with Come Mission. Looking forward to seeing you again bro!

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