Monday, November 07, 2005


A U2 fan in Dallas last weekend got the chance of a lifetime when he joined the band onstage for a song. Sunjay Devarajan was close to the stage at the American Airlines Arena on Saturday (October 29th), holding up a sign that read "Angel Of Harlem," with the chords written out. It also said, 'In case you forgot," since U2 hadn't played the song on tour this year.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Bono looked at Devarajan during the first encore of the night and asked, "Do you know how to play it?", and the 19-year-old pre-medical student yelled back, "Yeah! Yeah, I can play it!" So they brought him onstage and gave him a guitar, and he did the song with them, in front of 20,000 people. Bono even shared the microphone with Devarajan, who got to do the last chorus by himself.

The 19-year-old said, "Once we started, I felt so much encouragement from the band. They were all smiling. I looked at each one of them. I had Bono on my left. He's smiling, singing the first words to the song. I turned to my right and Edge, who's one of my inspirations, is sitting there smiling and playing with me. Adam Clayton is jamming with his bass, and Larry Mullen is having a great time. So I just felt this encouragement from the band, and that really allowed me to ease up and I really didn't feel frightened after that."

To make it even more special, Devarajan got Bono to trade sunglasses with him. The college student walked off with the singer's rose-tinted Armani shades, while Bono would up with a pair of sunglasses bought at an Eckerd drug store.

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daniel bae said...

hahaha, do i sense a hint of jealousy? lol jokes jokes.

I wouldve asked for the guitar instead!

Eddie said...

ha ha ... no, you don't sense a "hint" of jealously, you sense A LOT of it!!!!


wow, i would LOOOOOOVE it if that could happen to me!!!!!!! i actually started reviewing how to play all their songs after i read this (just in case!!!!) :) hee hee

David Kwag said...


I better start learning coldplay then..

That guy must have been confident to get up in front of 20,000 people though.. are they coming?

Eddie said...

Mins, are you going to see Coldplay when they come next year?

It looks like U2 will be here in March!!!! :) (tentative still though)

Hermz said...

I can imagine how many people are going to try that at not only U2's concerts, but other music concerts...

Let's brainstorm some banner/poster ideas... when U2 comes Eddie, so we can get you close to the action! =P

Eddie said...

sounds like a great idea :)