Monday, December 18, 2006

Weekend Wrap Up


Congrats to my cousin Eunyoung on her graduation last Friday. It was the first one for her with the whole family in attendance. But according to our grandfather, I think you still have one more degree to get before you can relax in the education department though =P Hope you had a great time with everyone there.

Another Kind of Commencement

We had our final CB/DS presentation of the year on Sunday and there was a great response from people interested in supporting our work. It was a very satisfying way to end the year. And now it's time to pray and prepare for next year and the exciting new things that God has in store =) Nervous, excited and looking forward to seeing His Kingdom grow through it all. Thanks for those who have been praying for me and if there are others who would like to become prayer partners with me, email me and I'll be happy to update you on key developments as well.

Travel Warning

Oh and for those who are traveling over the holidays, be careful of the new x-ray machines that they're using in some airports now ... they can see a lot more than before. To view a sample of what they can detect, click here (press the play button to start the video). Be ready ... they can see almost everything now! =)

Podcasts Updated

And my podcasts have been updated for the week. You can listen to new verses and sermons in these links. And two more days and Hyun and I will be heading off to the US! Looking forward to spending Christmas and New Years with family ... PLUS I got tickets for the final game of the season for the Dallas Cowboys! Woohoo!

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Eric Bae said...

hey Eddie,

man those x-rays sound disturbing... :) hope you are doing well! are you spending Christmas in Australia this year???

Eddie said...

Hey EBae,

Hyun and I will be spending Christmas in the US this year :) Looking forward to it. Hope to see you in the New Year though :)

ey said...

Eddie, thanks for coming to my graduation and hope you're enjoying US Xmas.
oh! BTW, No more study for me.. (at least for awhile.. !!)
good that Grandpa can't read ur blog =p