Friday, October 21, 2005

The Windy City

Did you know that the reason why Chicago is nicknamed The Windy City is not because of the wind? I get asked if Chicago is really that windy all the time. Although it does get pretty windy at times, the real reason why the city has that nickname is because of its politicians in the past. They were so full of hot air and false promises that any politician from that city was known to be full of wind, thus the windy city was born. So now you know

The reason for me thinking about the city that was my hometown for more than 20 years is because a Chicago baseball team is finally in the World Series. Although I wish it would have been the Cubs, Im happy for the city. Its the first time that the White Sox are in the Big Dance since 1959, and if they win, itll be their first since 1917. Oh the pain for a Cubs fan last year with the Red Sox ending decades of a drought and now the White Sox. But as a Chicagoian, I have to wish them well as we pray for mercy upon the Cubs someday

Plus the new U2 concert DVD will be featuring their concert in Chicago (!) What a blessed city it is indeed. =) For my buddies in the US, itll be released in late November. Well, thats my hot air for the city of Chicago for now.

Ill be heading to Full Gospel Church tonight for the final stretch of the Handong Support tour. Its been great spending time with my beloved Handong family members and I was so happy to see the amount of support in prayer and finances that were raised during these past several days. Gods been good.

Im off to the dentist soon first check up in years! =) Well, hope you all have a great weekend of worship wherever you are.

"I waited patiently for the Lord, He turned to me and heard my cry." U2

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Eric Bae said...

seeing your blog actually shows me how many albums U2 released Eddie, hahaha since you always have different 'currently listening'.. :D oh and I've been watching World Series on Foxtel.. very very exciting~ I'm sure you'll like to see it on the big screen TV at my place?? :D hahaha always welcome Eddie! :D

Hae-In said...

interesting info about chicago. maybe you should should run for parliament & change the rep. of chicago!! haha :) i can really imagine u in politics.

hey did u teach at handong uni or study there?

Eddie said...

EBae: I'm glad I can help you learn the U2 library through my posts :) Oh! And it looks like I'll be in Melbourne the last week in November!!!!!!

Hae-in: I appreciate all these new professions you can see me doing ;) And in terms of Handong, I taught and pastored over there :)

haein said...

hahaa jack of all trades master of... divinity..
hahahaha.. man im sad :)