Friday, October 07, 2005

GMT +10

I've finally been able to sleep through the night, so I think I'm almost out of my jetlag! =) But I still get pretty tired in the afternoons though. Last night we had an informal dinner meeting with Dr. John Kim (founder of JAMA) from the US and Daniel Pak (he was at the very first JAMA Australia 3 years ago). It was great to hear the 'heart' behind the man who started it all. I only wish more people from JAMA Australia could have made it. It clarified the purpose of JAMA a lot more for me.

And we'll be starting a new 4-part series from Sunday called "God Bless You". Eventually, we'll be going through the letter of Ephesians, but divided into 3 sub-series [God Bless You, Body Building, and The Fight of our Lives]. That should take us through the rest of 2005 ... then back to Guinea! I can't believe this year's almost over already. Please pray that our ministry and I will be able to finish well, finish strong and finish faithful.

I've also been checking out Google Earth (another amazing feature from the world of Google - they never cease to amaze me!). You can see my apartment (and Koorong) in the picture above taken from this program. I've been 'traveling' to Africa, Canada, Korea and the US with Google Earth and it brought back a lot of memories for me. I visited my previous homes, schools and places I often went to ... and you can zoom down and even see cars in the streets! Amazing. Check it out; it's pretty cool. =)

Well, have a great weekend. I'm glad my body is almost back in this timezone ... may you celebrate and enjoy the favor of God upon your life ... and may you live each moment ... in His presence.

While Traveling, I Was Listening To ...
The Chronicles of Narnia: (Radio Theatre) [Full Cast Drama]
By Focus on the Family


Monica said...

Hey eddie! wow! your site looks really good!! Maybe I should pay you to do mine! haha... neways... just msg to thank you for your prayers, I'm feeling better already. Yesterday I felt like I was going to collapse, but I woke up this morning feeling like a different person! I felt goooood! hehe thanks! Might see you around when the west ryde place opens! YAY! BYE!

eunyoung said...

wow.. it looks even nicer with darker background.. =)
man of blog~ = eddie byun!!!