Saturday, October 01, 2005

Out of Africa

Got back today from my mission trip and dude am I tired!! But wanted to thank everyone who prayed for me during this trip ... it was an awesome experience and I hope to share some of the many lessons God taught me this Sunday.

For now, here are some pictures from the trip in slideshow format ... click HERE. Put your mouse over the bottom part of the picture to go to a specific picture ... and you can click each picture for a brief description.


Matyu said...

WOW looks like an amazing trip!

you have to tell us about it some time. Are you having a sharing about it some time?

Who took the pictures? that look great!

Eddie said...

Thanks Matt. I'll be sharing about the trip at our EM this Sunday and also during our mission prep Sunday night. Feel free to stop by.

And I'm glad you like the pix :)

sehna said...

hey eddie!!!!
its good to hear your back safe and sound!
i heard your on fire atm.. i hope ur passion will continue to keep strong ^^
hope to see you soon!!!!
God Bless!!
S2 sehna