Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Church in France

I have some major jet-lag at the moment ... I go to sleep when most people wake up and wake up when most people go to sleep. Please pray for a quick transition back into this timezone (!). But it was good to worship with everyone at New Life again on Sunday. I really miss preaching to our congregation whenever I'm away.

As people ask me how the mission trip was, I would describe my mission trip in this way: it was vision-expanding, heart-igniting and life-focusing ... God did a lot in my heart during those few weeks ... and though our mission trip was for the unreached people groups of Africa, I think God wanted us to go through France for a reason. It seems that the only function churches have in France is as a museum for tourists. Though the buildings were beautiful, thriving congregations were hard to find. The Christians in France were telling us that they too are in need of missionaries now ... it broke my heart to see churches empty while Islam is growing there.

So if you're French speaking, there are many countries that could use you to be a messenger of grace for them! Pray about it! =) I hope to see more of our EM members sent out to these nations in the near future.

Throughout My Trip I Listened To ...
How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
By U2

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