Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Messengers of Good News

Because of my jet-lag, I've been so out of it these past few days. But I wanted to catch up with my updates ...

Let's see ... came back on Friday ... and on Sunday, we concluded our "Good News in a Bad News World" series. We looked at how we needed to go where Jesus would go ... to those who were in need of His message of grace, and that one of the things to understand was that "compassion comes from seeing" ... as Jesus saw the crowds and had compassion, we too need to see the lost people of this world in order for our hearts to change.

I hear many people say "I don't have a heart for missions, so maybe I shouldn't go", but it's precisely when we don't have a heart for missions, we need to go on missions; for it's through the going that our hearts and eyes change ... God honors our obedience to His command and commission by giving us a glimpse of His heart through the process.

Then on Sunday night, we had our mission team prep ... I went through most of my pictures with them ... I think they are motivated to pray more after seeing and hearing about the conditions we'll be facing in Guinea! Then I slept until Monday afternoon (!) ... after picking up some things at the mall, Hyun and I went to the beach since it was a public holiday ... then we met up with Eunjung, Eunyoung and their mom for dinner at Chatswood.

Tuesday was a day of hibernation for me ... and today, we had another staff meeting with Pastor Lee (who recently returned from a mission trip to China) ... lunch with Eddie Bang at Koorong (dude, their open melt sandwhich is awesome) ... had to re-group at Koorong for awhile =) and now updating my blog ... well, there's my update ... good to be back home, but 2 more months left and then we're back in Guinea ... keep me in prayer! =)

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sehna said...

its good ur back~~ missed you heaps =D
esp ur blogs...but i kept up to with ur audios its so0 cool!
well i hope ur adjusting well!!
take care eddiE!!
in my prayers
s2 sehna