Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Praying Greatness Into the Lives of Others

Wow, what a super-busy weekend. Had a great dinner with President Kim from Handong University, his wife and a couple of other Handong graduates who serve as staff there now. I was blown away at the testimonies that they shared concerning the ways that God has been providing for their needs in miraculous ways and it was also a great blessing to hear the ways that God has been using the graduates of that school to begin making some major impacts in companies, governments and organizations around the world.

The president and his wife are an amazing couple; wonderfully humble and wonderfully used by God. Though Presdient Kim returned back to Korea, his wife will be speaking at our Wednesday night service tomorrow, so if you missed out on Sunday night's talk, you'll have one more opportunity this week. Don't miss it!

On Sunday, we continued our new series "God Bless You" from the letter of Ephesians. We looked at Paul's prayer to the Ephesians and saw some amazing examples of what it means to pray greatness into the lives of others, as well as examples of people who are shining the greatness of Christ's character through their life. If you missed out, you can listen to the messages here.

Sunday afternoon till evening was basically hosting the Handong family in the city until the evening service at KCPC. I was so glad to see the place packed out, the books sold out and the people pumped up to pray for and support the ministries of the university. It's only been 10 years since the university started, but God has done some amazing things through the studentbody there.

And Monday was basically playing host again, giving rides as needed, a nice lunch with Hermannese, and passing out until the evening ordination service for our new church pastors. Eddie Bang, Steve Oh and Kisun Lee were all ordained to their next level of services Monday night. Congrats to you all, and may your new journey into ministry been marked with fruit, faith and faithfulness. I think the highlight of the evening was Eddie Bang's oath taking time ... considering we all knew he had no idea what he was pledging his life towards (since it was all in Korean). But hey, I had no idea either! =P But all in all, it was a weekend full of blessings ... it was great to see and great to be a part of.

I Prefer the Music Video Version of ...
By Coldplay
Fix You


davidkwag said...


Coldplay baby!
I was so happy to see you get into it. I wonder if this is how you feel when we listen to U2?

Eddie said...

Ha ha ha ...


I actually downloaded the song through iTunes but was disappointed when I found out that the album version is different from the music video version. I like the music video one a lot more, esp. when it becomes 'live' with the crowd singing.

They're not bad ... but they're def. not U2 either ;)

davidkwag said...

Yeah...they're not u2, They're actually more talented!

Its quite a pump up when you see it go into concert mode. Can you download the music video from itunes as well?

Eddie said...

What a punk ...

I'm tempted to delete your last comment ... but I won't. Since I know they're total U2 wannabees (no, not wallabies) ;p ...

Part of the reason I like that song is that when the guitar part comes in, it's a total take on The Edge.


Eddie said...

Oh, and yes, you can download that video (plus several others by them) in iTunes ...

Actually I just downloaded the music video yesterday too (you should be honored ... my first video purchase that wasn't U2) :P

Danni said...

Hey Eddie

i thought the wallabies/wannabees was funny! the sides of my mouth started to lift almost to a good smile hahaha there u go! =)

Eddie said...


thanks Danni


i can always count on you for a laugh ;p