Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Slideshow


Kevin Cho said...

Welcome back, Eddie! Honestly, I prayed for you just once, sorry..T_T ..These are really nice pics! And also..a.. is it FLASH or something? Wow I love it!

How's Mission trip? You have lots of things to tell us, right? See you, a few hours later :)

Hermann said...

Hey Eddie, Just want to thank you for your encouragement and prayers... My prayers are with you as well!

Hannah Kim said...

Didn't get a chance to say... WELCOME HOME! GOOD TO HAVE U BACK Eddie!!! & thanks for the 'wake-up' message yesteday!=)
Let every breath in France, Gineua, Morrocoo Praise the LORD~ AMEN!

Hk said...

oops i spelt Guinea & Morocco wrong >0<
My bad! heheheh