Thursday, October 13, 2005

Loving Life As We Live It for Him

And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. Taken from the twenty-forth chapter and fourteenth verse of Matthew’s Gospel.

I believe in the Kingdom Come. Then all the colours will bleed into one. Bleed into one. But yes, I'm still running. You broke the bonds. And you loosed the chains. Carried the cross of my shame. Oh my shame, you know I believe it. – U2

A few things that get my heart pumping: living for Christ and building His Kingdom … seeing people fall deeper in love with Him … hearing from God and sharing His truth with others … and a pretty close one right after those things would be U2.

I’m excited as our three mission teams prepare to partner with God this December in Guinea, Morocco and Thailand. I’m excited to see the future life-change that will happen in the lives of those who will go. And I’m excited that we get to be a part of preparing His Kingdom to come here on earth, as it is in heaven … as we go, as we send, as we give and as we pray.

EDIT: and speaking of U2 …

Apple has just launched another new iPod, this time with video capabilities along with iTunes 6.0. I wasn’t too excited until I open up the new iTunes store to check out what videos they have for download.

Hmmm … some TV shows like Lost and Housewives (yawn) … some Pixar animations (not bad) … but then my eyes are drawn into the music video section … to my utter delight I see nine U2 videos prepared and waiting for me to download.

God is good.

Let me live a life devoted to seeking first His Kingdom and His righteousness. Let U2 be the soundtrack of that life. And with that I can say: life is good.

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Anonymous said...

Did u hear Eddie that Apple can't meet the demand of their iPods so all the Apple distributor's shares are going down because there aren't enough of them?!?!?! :D go Steve Jobs~ doing well~

Anonymous said...

wooow~ thats nuts (to both Eddie's and Eric's comments).

I still don't understand the popularity of the ipod. The new nano is pretty darn cool, but I still don't get what sets it above the competition.

Anonymous said...

EBae: Jobs is the man for Apple, that's for sure ...

DBae: The thing that sets it apart is the amazing simplicity of it all ... the actual iPod, the ease of use, a simple, easy and quick form of buying and downloading songs through iTunes, the simple but sleek design, and a great marketing campaign ...

I heard Jobs say that they're also surprised that other companies haven't been able to come up with a solid MP3 player that is even close to competing with their iPod (in terms of design and ease of use). They didn't expect to have over 80% share of the MP3 market when they first came up with the iPod.

I love my Sony (and its battery life) but the iPod is by far the most sleek, stylish and easiest to use out of all the players out there so far. If the iPod had the same 40 hour battery life as the Sony, only then would I reconsider, since I mainly use it for traveling ... but I'm sure that they'll increase the battery life some day ... after they make a few more million dollars off of this new version.

But also, it's a matter of time before a 100GB, flash memory based, TV-tuner/recorder, 60 hour iPod comes out. Maybe I'll consider changing then, but for now, I'm happy with my 40 hour Sony ;)

Anonymous said...

hey eddie~ :) i followed ur link to "hello" & it's awesome!! SO FAST! thanks for that!
i was just wondering - is it possible to put a whole bunch of pics in one post? or does it only work one at a time?

hahaha sorry i think i treat u like a computer nerd... haha~