Monday, November 13, 2006

U2 Concert in Sydney 11.10.06

Sorry for the delay, but it took awhile to upload all the videos. :)

Here's the set list with links to some video clips from the actual concert:

Main Set

City of Blinding Lights [complete song + Vertigo intro]
Vertigo [short clip]
Until The End of the World [short clip with Edge]
New Year's Day
Beautiful Day [most of the song + clip 1] [clip 2] [clip 3]
Yahweh [most of the song]
Walk On
Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own [complete song]
Love and Peace
Sunday Bloody Sunday [short clip of "no more"]
Bullet The Blue Sky [short clip]
Miss Sarajevo
Pride (In The Name of Love)
Where The Streets Have No Name [Intro + short clip]
SMS Fight for Poverty [clip 1 + clip 2]
One [short clips]

Encore 1

Zoo Station [short clip]
The Fly [Intro + Ending]
With or Without You [complete song + clip 1 + clip 2]
SMS Thanks [The names of those who texted]

Encore 2

The Saints Are Coming [short clip]
Angel of Harlem [complete song + clip 1 + clip 2]
Kite [complete song]

Back to Him

It was simply awesome. U2 are an amazing live concert band so it was totally worth the 8 month (!) wait. It was possibly the fastest 4 hours of my life ... and it was cool to be surrounded by other die-hard fans to sing along with for every single song.

And as usual, there's always at least one powerful spiritual moment for me when I hear them live ... this time around it was during their songs "Yahweh" (with 70,000 crying out to God) and "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own" ... truly a worshipful moment for me. I can't wait till heaven (or maybe sooner?!?!) when I can meet them and do some songs together, praising our Savior (hopefully Edge will let me play guitar with him!).

Currently Listening
Saints Are Coming
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The Saints Are Coming


Anonymous said...

wow, what an incredible time! Thanks for snapping a coupla videos.. one of these days, in my lifetime, I've got to get to a U2 concert!

Anonymous said...

Hey DJ, U2 is definitely a group you MUST see in concert. They still have one US date left on this tour ... their final show on December 9 in Hawaii!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Eddie!

Great photos and videos. I will put a link in my web.

Anonymous said...

Hey Eddie! It's been a while!! It's a good thing you went Friday because they didn't sing Yahweh on Saturday night. Still a great concert though!

Anonymous said...

Calvin: Thanks for the plug! Your U2 site rocks amigo! :)

Keith and Sharon: Dude, I LOVE your U2 pix!!! If you have more, I have to see them! :) Let's catch up soon. It's WAY overdue! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Eddie! We've got lots more pics, so we should catch up to share U2 stories. When's good for you and Hyun? Email me (Sharon) as I'm the designated event planner for the both of us :)

Anonymous said...

OOOOOOOOHHHHHH YEAH!!!!!! Can't wait to see more U2 pix Sharon!! :) Oh and of course I can't wait to see you and Keith again too :) hee hee ... :p

Anonymous said...

this is like... being at the concert.....

Anonymous said...

Ha ha .. yep, that's what I wanted to do. Create something so I could "go back" to the concert anytime and re-live those great memories of being there! :)