Monday, June 28, 2004

Dying Well

With all that's happened in the Middle East with the kidnappings these past few weeks, it's brought about a new prayer for my life. I want to die well. I want to die faithful ... I want to die while in communion with Christ. No one knows the horror or fear that a person would be facing in a situation like that, but I hope I can always declare my love and loyalty to Christ. How a person dies reveals a lot about how that person lived ... how that person viewed life ... and if that person was ready to die. I want to die well.

Drying God's Flowers ...

God, I'm thankful today for ...
* My times of prayer and preparation for you and your work ... I love being in your presence and seeking your grace
* The leaders meeting last night ... we were able to touch base on all the ministries and we've seen our leadership team grow this past year ...
* The love and encouragement I receive from PG1 / PG2 / and EM =)
* Your provision of each and every meal so far ... I've been eating very well so far (since the weekend)
* Granting me conviction for the message on Sunday towards living well and dying well
* Providing some books for my thesis through the mail :) But I need to create more time to work on the thesis soon ...

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Lakers Lose (More Than The Championship)

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They lost a champion ...

What a humbling way to end their year. Pride comes before a fall. A warning to us all. I'll admit I followed the Lakers, but more because I'm a Phil Jackson fan than a Lakers fan. My Chicago roots got me left me hungry for basketball again after Jordan retired ... so my eyes wandered over to LA to see what our old coach would do. He did very well thank you. Three championships in a row in his first 3 seasons with the Lakers. And now they lost him ... it's their loss. Jackson is clearly the best coach in modern basketball history. But with the attitude on that team, I don't blame him for walking away.

Take a well deserved rest Phil, you went out with class. Hopefully there will be a solid team for you to coach after your break, so that you can get your record 10 championships. And who knows? With enough lottery picks, maybe Chicago can be your kind of town again:)

Prep for Tomorrow

Today was quite restful in preparation for tomorrow. A simple breakfast and a great lunch (Hyun's delicious Kim Chee Jigae mmmmmm ... her potatoe sidedish ... mmmmmmm ) She's an awesome cook :) I was able to swim for a bit (frist time in A LONG time). But I really need to get more exercise these days, I'm feeling the effects of slacking off on the physical stewardship of my body. Finished up the PPT for the message ... it was good to use Elements 2.0 again.

Sermon Prep. I'm continuing on the series wisdom from Proverbs 30:24-28 (Wisdom from a Coney). I'm praying that our congregation will learn to and develop a lifestyle that seeks God as their shelter and security.

Drying God's Flowers for Today.

Thanks God for ...
* A restful day to prepare for tomorrow's service
* A chance to swim and take care of the body you've given to me
* A wonderful wife (who's great at cooking too!) :p
* Elements 2.0 to get the PPT ready

Prayer for ...
* Tomorrow's service. We need your presence with us and I need your anointing upon me. O Lord open my lips, that I might declare your praise. Take the coal, cleanse my lips ... here I am.
* Wisdom for President Bush and the leadership of the US - they need your wisdom, mercy and grace God!
* Paul Johnson, Jr.'s family as they grieve his horrid death by Al Qaeda (God bring an end to their reign of terror ... and bring the capture of Bin Laden quickly.

Technology ... and Time (Out)

It's 12:30 AM and I spend the past few hours surfing the net and trying to figure out this blog thing.

Today (I guess yesterday now) I spent the day at the office. Good thing I finished my sermon prep ahead of time, so that I could take care of a lot of tasks I've been meaning to get to. Photocopied all the handouts for Sunday since Mihee's on vacation for this week. Created a new ministry "Harvest" for the sermon CD production team. Found a good sandwhich place near my home ... (Thank You God!) :) Mailed the recovery CD's to my parents ... stopped by Koorong. Picked up Hyun from work ... watched the Simpsons on my P900 while waiting for her ... it's an awesome phone. Ate dinner at a very casual cafe a block down from her lab. Then got my (annual) car wash ... stopped by Office Works to pick up some CD sheets and printer ink for the CD ministry. Came home and have been in front of the computer since. I wanted to finish up my PPT but that'll have to wait till tomorrow. Hyun was able to get time off next week to go to Korea for her dad's 60th BDay (a big deal in Korean culture). I'm happy for them.

God, thanks for ...
* Helping me finish a lot of work yesterday and today
* Koorong
* Dinner with Hyun at the cafe
* The new ministry idea that's about to start
I pray you'll bless it to help more people find life and purpose in You
* The new Bibles (NIV Thematic Reference & The Leadership Bible)

U2 in HK

U2 baby! What an awesome name for a store! =)
[This was in Hong Kong ... on our way to Europe for our honeymoon. October of 2001!
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