Monday, June 26, 2006

To Another Country

Hey all ... just wanted to let you know that I'll be visiting "another" country today. Please keep me in pr*yer for that. Thanks =) I'll probably be out of touch for a few days or so, but looking forward to sharing updates on some cool events that's been happening the past several days.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Old Friends New Foods

Over the weekend a friend and I met up with some old friends from Down Under here in China. It was good to catch up and see how they've been doing ... and for their buddies in Australia, they're doing really well. I was so happy to see how much they've grown in various ways through their time here.

I've been enjoying the food here a bit too much. I started going to the gym the past couple of days in order to go back to "normal" size before heading back home =P

A fun dish we had over the weekend was a "shish-kebab" meal that came with the most flavor-ful spices. And a favorite of mine here in China is their "gobaro" which is like "tangsuyook", but a lot stronger in the "sweet-n-sour" department and a lot meatier too.

I can now add China to the countries where I enjoy every meal. So far it's been Italy and Thailand (and I'm pretty sure I can put Greece in that list, but I haven't been there yet!). I'm usually not a big food fan ... I'm more of a "eat-to-live" more than a "live-to-eat" kind of guy, but when I'm in these countries, I can't wait till the next meal =P

Take care all and please continue sending prayers this way. It's going to be a full weekend with some great activities planned with the kids and students in this area.

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Sunday, June 18, 2006


Over the weekend, I've been spending time at YUST (Yanbian University of Science and Technology) with various students and professors that I knew from my time in Korea. The school reminded me of Handong University in so many ways ... the students, the staff, the buildings, the vision. It was pretty cool because it made me feel like I was back in my Handong days many years ago.

On Saturday, a bunch of the American teachers and international students were playing (American) football at YUST, so a friend and I decided to join them. It was a lot of fun ... I think the last time I played football was over 6 years ago! And like Handong, there were so many Korean students from Uzbekistan, Russian, and Kahzakstan. I love hearing their Russian accents when they speak English =)

And another highlight for me this weekend was running into a wonderful family that lived right next to me when I was in Korea; they moved to China and now teach here as well. (Click on the picture for a larger view)

They have the most precious daughters I've ever seen and when they speak, it's so clear and sweet that it melts my heart every time. Rebecca and Rachel (the 2 oldest daughters) were so little when I first met them, but they seem so tall now =) Plus they have a new little 9 month old sister now 'Stephie'.

And if you can, please lift up Stephie in prayer. She has a skin rash that's been spreading through her whole body. They're not quite sure what it is yet and the medical services here are a bit limited as you can imagine. YUST teachers don't have salaries so they live by faith and on the support that others send their way. If you feel led to support this beautiful family, email me and I can send you contact details.

I also spent some time at a nearby "child care center" that impacted me deeply as well, but I'll have to update you on that another time. Take care and don't forget to call your dads! "Happy Father's Day" Dad =)

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Friday, June 16, 2006

My Famous and Smart Wife Part 2

Just wanted to brag a little bit more about Hyun's recent research. In case you missed it, her research has been making headlines in all the major news networks in Australia (and the science world) this past year. And today, I just found out that the Prime Minister of Singapore visited her lab and the head of the research institute was showing off Hyun's data and experiments =) Pretty cool I'd say!

And that research is currently going through the process of publication in a major science magazine. It's a long process, with a lot of requirements, so please pray for a successful outcome. It's cool that through her work, she has the potential to help millions upon millions of people who do (and/or will) suffer from arthritis. OK. She doesn't like it when I brag about her, so I'll stop here (for now). =)

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

In China

Hey all ... I arrived safely in China and am excited to be here. There's a nice place that has wireless internet nearby so I'm just taking a break here to catch up on some things. It's been a fun ride so far. We had lunch at a local Korean-Chinese place and will be meeting up with some friends for dinner.

Language so far hasn't been as difficult as I expected since there's a large Korean presence in this city. Almost everywhere you look, the writing is in both Chinese and Korean, and most people here seem to be able to speak Korean as well. A friend and I kept bumping into people we knew on the airplane ride over here. Some older Koreans have said that this area reminds them of how Korea was many years ago ... it would be great to see China progress in all aspects like Korea has as well. Just wanted to send a quick update for now ...

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

In Seoul Part 2

Hey all, it's been an eventful week so far. After a great weekend at Onnuri, we keep meeting some cool people who are interested in the kind of work we're doing. And on Monday, between a couple of meetings, a friend and I were hanging in Co-Ex at the new Reebok store that opened and then a Korean movie star walks in and buys like $600 worth of stuff. I recognized him (but didn't know his name) because I saw one of his movies recently and asked for a picture. If anyone knows his name, let me know. He's in the recent popular movie "The King and the Clown".

And we finally found a PC room that allows us to hook up our computers to their internet server, so I can finally post pictures too. =) Last night's dinner was at my uncle and aunt's house and the menu was Mike's favorite 'wollamsam'. After dinner, we headed home to catch the Korea-Togo match and dude, it was soooooooooooooo loud outside everytime Korea scored. It was pretty cool to see and hear the passion Korea has for its team.

Well, today's our last full day in Korea and then we take off for China tomorrow morning. I'm really looking forward to that one. Hope all is well on your end ... and I shall be in touch soon.

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Monday, June 12, 2006


Hey all. Thanks for your prayers concerning yesterday's presentation. It went extremely well and there were many people who expressed their desire to become partners in our ministry. After the main service, we had lunch with some of the young families/couples in the church and had another great chance to share some of the stories of what God's been doing through CB. We were both honored and humbled by their generous responses too.

Another gift from God yesterday was the time to hang out with some old friends. I came across friends I haven't seen in over 10 years (uni days) as well as recent friends who left Sydney. And dinner was fun hanging out with Eunji and her "good friend" David =P Overall, I was really thankful for everything that God brought our way yesterday ... and I know a big part of those blessings came through your prayers ... so thanks so much for them =)

Today we have a couple of other important meetings with "big" supporters in other agencies and in the media. So please pray that those go well also. I'm grateful for this internet age where we can partner together so closely, even though we're oceans apart. Shall update again soon =)

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

In Seoul

Hey all, I arrived in S. Korea safely and visited my grandfather who celebrated his 88th birthday =) I'm amazed more and more as I learn the amazing history of our family ... the many churches that family members in the past have planted throughout Korea, the struggles endured through during the war, and even a martyr who's now in the Korean Martyr museam in Korea (pretty cool!).

Well, just to update a bit, I'll be doing a presentation for Onnuri Sunday morning. So I'd appreciate your continual prayers for that. And it's been great seeing and catching up with old friends here too. The weather and food have been pretty good here so far =)

And FYI, I think they have like 50 different Korean World Cup shirts at stores now ... they're really milking it for all its worth! A friend and I are debating whether to go to the big area on Tuesday to watch the Korean match against Togo, where like a million other people are going to be. Maybe we'll just take a picture and leave =P Take care and I'll be in touch again soon. =)

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

About Moving ... Moving About

Goodbye West Ryde

Well, we finally upacked everything from our move on Saturday and are settling in well into our new place. It feels a bit strange to be living in the city part of Sydney. I feel like we moved to a different state or even a different country sometimes. It's such a different feel compared to the suburbs [Epping, West Ryde] I've lived in before. But right when we walk outside, there's a great view of Sydney Tower to our left and there are a lot of great cafes and restaurants here so my stomach will be happy.

We had the inspection of our old place last night and before that, I made my rounds saying "good-bye" to some of the people that I often saw in that area (West Ryde Thai [of course], John and Andrew from the computer shop, the lady who cuts my hair) ... and it was kind of sad realizing I wasn't going to see them on a regular basis anymore. I didn't expect to have these feelings just moving 30 minutes away.

Hello Rushcutters Bay

Anyways ... feel free to stop by when you're in the city or I can meet you at Hyde Park (which is about a 5 minute walk from my place). And I also welcome you to prayer walk around my street (Kings Cross Road) ... yes, you read that correctly ... King's Cross. =) For those outside of Australia, it sounds very Christian and very cool ... and those within Australia ... yes, let's prayer walk! But you know, I count it an honor to be here and to live and pray in this area ... praying to reclaim this area that bears His Name and His sacrifice for us.

I'm currently using pre-paid dial up internet until our ADSL2 is ready in this place. But I hope to post some info on my trip to China and N. Korea tomorrow (I leave this Thursday!). I'm going to need some serious prayers of protection while over there, esp. in NK.

Happy Birthday Patrick

On a final note, I want to wish my cousin Patrick a very happy birthday. He's the cousin I grew up with ever since he was born and to me he's really my "little" brother (even though he's over 6 feet tall now) =P It's been great to see him grow physically and spiritually througout the years, and to see our relationship grow from cousin-cousin to brother-brother and finally to brother-in-Christ-brother-in-Christ. I hope God allows us to live next to each other again ... so we can partner together again like the old days, for His Kingdom. Happy Birthday Pat! I love you man! =)

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Friday, June 02, 2006

One More Day


I love this commercial because it pumps me up to strive for excellence in all things. Excellence in all things ... one of my life values. And I love watching people who live this out. They help remind me that whatever I do, I must do it with all my heart, as working for the Lord, not for men ... knowing that I will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward ... it is always the Lord Christ I am serving.


And tomorrow is MOVING DAY! So thanks to those who got back to me in terms of being able to help out tomorrow. And if you do have time, you can come to my West Ryde place at 9AM (Saturday) ... and we're planning on leaving for our new place by 10AM! Then it's goodbye to West Ryde ... what a great suburb to live in! =)

Praying People Reminder

One more reminder: if you haven't signed up for, do so now! And if you have signed up for it, post your prayer requests! =) It's a cool new way to share prayer requests and to receive intercession for the concerns of your heart. EBae has requested prayers for this site as well. It seems as the site grows, a lot of glitches keep coming up ... there's an enemy that doesn't want us to pray, so let's make sure we DO!

Have a great weekend everyone and hopefully I'll have pix of my new place posted soon! =)

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Officially Official

Crossing Borders Australia is officially Incorporated! We're a legit legal organization now and by next week, we'll have our bank account details all set up for donor's to begin sending in their contributions =) We're pretty excited about everything that's been going on within Australia and overseas that we we're priviledged to be a part of so far.

A big "thank you" goes out to EJ Lam for her very hard work in getting all the legal documentation taken cared for to get our Inc. status and to the rest of our team for helping build such a strong foundation for CB so far. I'm thankful for the unique gifts that each staff member brings to the table ... and how only through working together, are we able to build God's Kingdom effectively.

And thank you for all those who donated boxes for our move. And I pray for blessings to those who collected books at my place throughout this past week. May these tools and resources help you grow deeper in faith and fall deeper in love with our Savior.

Our big moving day is in 2 days! I'm excited and sad at the same time. I'm excited to be in a new place and set up my new "office: aka living room". But I'm also sad to leave this place where I had so many leadership meetings ... and mission team prep meetings. A lot of great memories in this place.

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