Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My Famous and Smart Wife =)

Hyun's research (and co-workers) made the news today! It was on all the major channels in Sydney (Seven, Nine, and Ten). One of her supervisors asked her to be on TV but she was too shy (!) ... so instead, they showed pictures of her reseach =) Isn't that so cool?? I'm so proud of her! =) Her research (which will soon be published) will help people who suffer with arthritis and other diseases in the future! Super cool! =)

In case you missed the news on TV, you can see an article on the breakthrough research from the Sydney Morning Herald (FYI, in the article below, Charles Mackay is her supervisor)

Inflammatory diseases drug developed

February 8, 2006 - 5:22PM

Australian scientists say they have developed a drug that may help prevent and reverse debilitating inflammatory diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis.

The new drug, developed by the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney, also could help sufferers of multiple sclerosis (MS), asthma, sepsis, heart attack and psoriasis as well as transplant patients.

Millions of people around the globe are affected by diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, a severe form of arthritis.

The new drug, which has been trialled on mice with success, could ease pain and improve wellbeing for sufferers, the head of Garvan's Arthritis and Inflammation program, Charles Mackay, said.

Scientists have identified the mechanism by which a white blood cell enters a tissue, releasing toxic substances and causing damage in the joints.

The drug, once injected, works within hours to completely return a diseased tissue back to a normal tissue.

"The drug developed is highly effective at inhibiting disease in animals," Professor Mackay said.

"It not only completely prevents disease, but in animals that already have disease it completely reverses the disease process.

"The turnaround ... is quite remarkable."

But he stopped short of describing the breakthrough as a cure.

"Cure's a very strong word," Prof Mackay said.

"The disease does come back, as in many chronic inflammatory diseases."

Executive Director of the Garvan Institute John Shine described the development as a "major milestone".

"It's another great example of the excellence of Australian medical research across the board ... ," Professor Shine said.

The next step now is a clinical human trial.

This is likely to be 18 months away and could take five to 10 years.

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David Kwag said...

I actually did see that yesterday and heard it on the radio as well. It made references to the Garvan Institute but i had no idea that was Hyun. I should have known because it also made references to the trials on mice...

Congrats cheesy and proud is Eddie?

Hermz said...

ooh WOW!...CONGRATULATIONS Samonim!! Man... the Byuns are gonna take the world by storm! Ministry, Medical, Music...Amen! Wait till i raise up my army of Kims...Vietnam won't know what to the capital city Hermannkim City...COME ON! *Hewitts hand to the forehead thingy*

Eddie said...

Mins: was your "cheesy" comment supposed to be in reference to the mice? :p (jk) thanks anyhow ...

Hermz: Haha ... I think Vietnam is your destiny dude ... I like that Hermannkim City too :) You can make New Lifer's diplomats of your country or something :) Come on!!!! ;)

Patrick Yoon said...

Hi Eddie and Hyun,
Congrats on the recent discovery! I only hope my research will have that kind of impact in the future. Although I would sacrifice all that just to do research with family. That is my hope and dream...Lord willing.

Eddie...what can I say, this has been a good month for you: Aikman getting inducted into the Hall of Fame and U2 winning 5 grammys! I wonder what's next? The Cubs winning the world series? I know I know...wait till next year!

Eddie said...

Hey Pat,

It would be awesome to have you and Hyun partner together to bring an end to the diseases in this world :) I pray your cancer research goes well!!!!

And yes, it has been a good month for me :) I'm a very happy camper right now :) To have the Cubs win it this year would top it off big time!!!!!