Monday, February 27, 2006

Peace Out ...

Well today was the day. It was my final day at Saesoon and New Life Worship. I can't even begin to explain the thoughts, feelings and emotions that have been going through my mind, heart and body these past few days ... esp. today.

I am honored that God allowed me to be a part of something so special that He's doing in Australia ... and so thankful to know so many precious people along the way. To everyone in New Life ... I love you deeply and I will miss you so much. You mean the world to me and I count it the highest honor in the world to have been able to serve as your pastor these past 4 + years. I am the one who has been blessed the most because of you.

If God allows, I would love to serve with each and every one of you again ... Lord willing. But I am especially happy to know that we will be able to spend eternity together forever ... all because of Jesus Christ.

May Christ always be your everything ... "I love you man!" =)

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Andz said...

Eddie! We love you too man!
Dude, far out so sad to see you leave us. I found it so comfortable that you and I shared not one but two common loves. The love for Christ and the love for Michael Jordan.
hehehehe! Take care and be safe.

Hannah Kang said...

Edddieee!! We love you and Hyun!!! It's been fun and an honour knowing and serving with you!

danbae said...

hey ed! Man its going to be weird without you! I think i'll be in denial for a while!

haha, i love andy's comment

nathan said...

LOTs of love out to you and hyunssn.....=]

David Kwag said...

Hey Eddie.

As we were compiling some of the photos for your video, we realised that theres been a lot of things our ministry has gone through. We thank you for your love and service you brought to our ministry. We are definitely going to miss you.


Graham Bae said...

"Thank you" doesn't even begin to express my gratitude for all the blessings and lessons you've brought to me and NLW over the years. It's been a pleasure serving, and especially going on mission trips with you. I love you man!

Stung said...

WE LOVE YOU sO MUCH AND WE love u more and more everyday.

Janice said...

love you so much Eddie
miss you so much Eddie
God bless you to the
ends of the earth! Really.
you will never be forgotten
in our prayers! Ever....