Thursday, February 02, 2006

Quotes by EM Bounds on Prayer ...

I've been re-reading some books I went through while I was in college on prayer by EM Bounds and his stuff still majorly convicts me to this day ... here are a few of the "killer quotes" I that hit me over and over again the past few days.
On prayer and faith …
The faith which creates powerful praying is the faith which centers itself on a powerful Person. Faith in Christ’s ability to do and to do greatly, is the faith which prays greatly.
Patience has its perfect work in the school of delay. In some instances, delay is of the very essence of prayer. God has to do many things, antecedent to giving the final answer – things which are essential to the lasting good of him who is requesting favor at his hands.
On prayer and consecration …
Here is the true test of consecration. It is a life of prayer. Unless prayer is preeminent, unless prayer is to the front, the consecration is faulty, deceptive, falsely named. Does he pray? That is the test. A question of every so-called consecrated man. Is he a man of prayer? No consecration is worth a throught if it be devoid of prayer. Yea, more – if it be not preeminently and primarily a life of prayer.
On prayer and the preacher …
Almighty God has always been jealous of His watchmen – His preachers. His concern has been for the character of the men who minister at His altars in holy things. They must be men who lean upon Him, who look to Him, and who continually seek Him for wisdom, help, and power effectively to do the work of the ministry. And so He has designed men of prayer for the holy office, and has relied upon them successively to perform the tasks He has assigned them.
A prayerless preacher is a misnomer. He has either missed his calling, or has grievously failed God who called Him into ministry.
Praying preachers have always brought the greater glory to God, have moved the gospel onward with its greatest, speediest rate, and power.
Dude! Is this guy convicting or what?!?!? I think I'll take a break and pray now (!) =) May we be a praying generation ... a seeking generation ... for Christ and His Kingdom.

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