Monday, February 13, 2006

A New Chapter Begins ...

Wow. It's official. I had to make one of my most difficult messages yesterday after my sermon at New Life. After much prayer and seeking God's will, I announced my resignation from Seasoon Church. It's been an amazing 4 + years, seeing so many lives changed through the power of the Gospel ... and the power of His Word.

For both New Life and for myself, the end of this month will mark a new chapter for both our lives. Please keep me in prayer as I seek clarity from God as to what my next step is to be. As God unveils the scroll of His will a little bit more with each step of faith, pray I would have the wisdom and courage to walk in His will every step of the way.

EDIT 2 (Updated):

I've received a lot of emails and calls within the last 24 hours from people who had a lot of questions in response to my "announcement" yesterday. So instead of typing the same responses in email, I've answered a few of the most common questions people had HERE. Visit THE LINK for some more clarification. And again, thank you everyone for your support!

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Eric Bae said...

soldier on Eddie. :D praying for you.

Junny said...

All the best for what God has planned for you Eddie! and thanks for all you've done

Brian Park said...

God bless you and your family, Eddie, as you seek the Lord's guidance on the next steps of your lives. May he guide your path and continue to use you for his glory. :-)