Friday, February 03, 2006

Belated Congrats ...

Due to mission trips and all the events and holidays going on these past couple of months, I didn't get to properly congratulate some very special people in our ministry, so ....

Congrats to Chris and Moon Sun Miles!

Thanks Chris for all the service you offered to God through our ministries and we at New Life are so happy for you! May your marriage be filled with joy and a growing love for God and a love for each other as the years go by! And Moon Sun, I look forward to getting to know you better too ... you are both blessed to have each other. =)

Congrats to Mike and Jane Kim!

First off, welcome back from your several month trip to Morocco! I'm so happy to have the two of you back =) And congrats on making it back safely ... God is faithful =)

AND ... congrats on your engagement! Obviously Mike is getting the better of the deal, but it just goes to show how gracious and kind Jane is =) (j/k Mike, you're a good catch too ... hee hee!) And without a doubt I'm always so happy whenever I see you guys ... to see how much God has transformed your lives the past few years is nothing short of a miracle ... and something only God can take credit for!

And it also warms my heart to see how not only your faith grew with the passing months, but your passion as well - your passion for missions and above all, your passion for God.

Oh and one more thing ...

It looks like these kinds of congrats will only increase as the weeks go by for our ministry ... BUT to those who are single and searching and whose hearts ache at reading posts like this, and to all those who are dreading February 14 (Valentine's Day) approaching because you'll be "alone", I have this to share with you: Keep trusting God ... He's taking care of you! (or a another translation might be: Don't pain! Don't feel sorry for yourself!) Keep fighting in your heart to be satisfied in Christ! A heart and life that does that brings great glory to God. His timing is perfect ... so wait upon Him and let your strength be renewed.

On that note ... have a great weekend worshipping our Precious Savior and King, Lover and Lord, Healer and Redeemer ... Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Blessings to you all in abundance ... God is always good.


Aaron (volleyball) said...

Wow...they're ...ENGAGED?!
Thanks for the news eddie...when i read it i just smiled gladly for Jane and Mike.. = D

oh..and thanks for the encouragement in Christ-Finding joy in the Lord first always.

danielbae said...

nice post eddie! heard there's volleyball pract this sunday. Should be good. It'd be funny if we practise all year and still only make it to the quarters! haha

Eddie said...

Aaron: Press on bro! Great to have you with us this year.

DBae: That would be so sad ... but if we actually DID practice the whole year, I guarantee us getting past the quarters! :)