Wednesday, February 22, 2006

U2 ... A Prophetic Voice?

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U2: Prophetic Words for The Message Author

During the Elevation Tour, Bono recited Psalm 116 from 72 year old Eugene Peterson’s most recent work, a new version of the Bible called The Message. His praise continued for Peterson when at the Presidential Prayer Breakfast on February 2, he referred to Peterson as a “very gifted scholar and poet”.

Peterson, a retired pastor of 35 years, and Professor Emeritus at Regent College has not taken an interest in going to U2 concerts (he prefers classical), but he does think that Bono’s message to the world is prophetic and similar to how God used the prophets in the Bible to reach the world on issues that needed attention. In a recent interview with, Peterson says Bono is “calling people to forsake [their] lives of selfish pursuits fueled by destructive delusions.”

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Joseph said...

Hey there Eddie
just heard that the U2 concert in Sydney will be posponed! aparently one of the band members relatives is seriously ill.